Why Electoral Bonds were a scam | 9 reasons | Let Me Explain with Pooja Prasanna

The data submitted by the State Bank of India reveals a host of scams that highlight how the #ElectoralBonds scheme was used to help corporates pay either because of fear or for favour. We connect the dots and tell you the nine big scams that emerge from the data. The very premise of the scheme, that the donors will remain anonymous has been demolished with the SBI giving details of who donated how much to which party. When we look at the timing of the donations, we see many companies giving donations either to bag a big government contract or with the hopes of receiving leeway during action by central agencies like the ED, IT or CBI. In this week’s Let Me Explain, we take a look at why the electoral bonds scheme is one of the biggest and most dangerous scams unleashed by the BJP and how the party benefited from it.
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