Under PM Modi, India’s democracy is deteriorating | Let Me Explain with Pooja Prasanna

In just a few days, India is gearing up for what could be the largest voter turnout in history as it heads into parliamentary elections. An astonishing 969 million voters are set to cast their ballots to elect 543 members to the Lok Sabha. However, concerns have been raised about the health of India's democracy under PM Modi's leadership. It's not just me saying it. According to the Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem) 2024 report, India ranks 104th among 179 countries worldwide in terms of democracy. Even our neighbours like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have fared better. Under the Modi-led NDA government, India has recently been labelled as one of the worst autocratisers by the V-Dem report. V-Dem highlights that the level of "liberal democracy" experienced by the average Indian has declined to levels last seen in 1975 during the state of emergency declared by Indira Gandhi. V-Dem, a Sweden-based research project, evaluates democracy across the globe. Their data sets gauge various aspects of democracy, including civil liberties, government functionality, and electoral processes.
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