How Congress is coping with funds crunch for Lok Sabha polls | Let Me Explain with Pooja Prasanna

The Congress party faces a critical financial setback as the Income Tax department has frozen its accounts ahead of the Lok Sabha elections. While this stems from the party's failure to file its 2017-18 income tax return by the extended deadline, it has led to a political war of words between the Congress and the BJP. With potential scrutiny and seizure looming, the Congress struggles to access funds crucial for election campaigning. Compared to the BJP's substantial financial resources, Congress has long lagged behind in funding. This freeze severely impacts three vital aspects of electioneering: publicity through media and social platforms, transportation logistics, and organising public meetings. Without access to funds, the party finds it challenging to finance paid advertisements, social media outreach, and traditional media presence, hindering its visibility. Mobilising supporters becomes difficult without resources for transportation, impeding widespread campaigning. Moreover, organising public meetings and rallies, crucial for direct voter interaction, faces obstacles due to restricted finances. This financial constraint places Congress at a significant disadvantage in the election race, highlighting the critical role of financial resources in modern politics and the potential consequences of regulatory actions on party finances In this week’s Let Me Explain, Pooja Prasanna looks at how the Congress is coping with the funds crunch on the ground.
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