Amit Shah and his false data on Electoral Bonds

The data published by the Election Commission of India showed that the BJP got around 50% of the total money donated through Electoral Bonds. But the Union Home Minister Amit Shah has been conclave-hopping, defending his party and presenting numbers that are not accurate. Shah also claimed that in proportion to the number of seats BJP has in Parliament, the amount they got is less than the India bloc. He added that with the Electoral Bonds scheme struck down, black money will now be flooded in political funding in India. In this week’s episode of Let Me Explain, Pooja Prasanna examines all these statements and looks at how much of the total known political funding in India–including Electoral Bonds, trusts and direct donations–BJP got. We also break down how much opposition parties like Congress, TMC, DMK and YSRCP got through bonds and other forms of funding.
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The News Minute