Telangana government issues guidelines for resuming film shooting

The production houses have been asked to ensure minimum crew, preferably less than 40 members.
Film crew at a shoot
Film crew at a shoot

After allowing the film industry to resume shooting and finish their post-production work, the Telangana government on Tuesday issued the Government Order with the standard operating procedure (SOP) in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of now, permissions have been given to only films which have completed shooting, and film and TV shootings which were half way through and were stalled owing to the lockdown.

As per the guidelines, the post-production work such as editing, dubbing, sound mixing, visual effects, computer graphics and colour correction are enlisted as standalone services, and these activities should not involve more than 10 persons at any given time. This also holds good for pre-production work such as story discussion and production planning.  

For film and TV shootings, cast and crew below the age of 10 years and above 60 years should not be allowed to enter the set without obtaining a medical clearance. The production houses have been asked to ensure minimum crew, preferably less than 40 members. They have also been advised to plan their shoot inside a set and avoid outdoor shootings.

Guidelines for post-production

The studios have been asked to do mandatory thermal scanning of everyone entering and exiting the office/studio premises. “Provision for Water & Soap / Hand Wash/ Sanitizer (touch-free recommended) shall be made at all Entry/Exit points and Common areas. All personnel and support staff shall be required to wash & sanitize his/her hands before entering the Office/Studio premises. Same procedure to be followed after exiting the premises,” the GO reads.

All the members in the workplace including support staff should mandatorily wear face masks. Hand gloves should be used by the support staff who are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the office/studio premises. 

“Re-usable equipment should be thoroughly cleaned and should not be shared with others,” the guidelines add.

Guidelines for production

Before entering the shooting premises, the crew should be checked for cough or low-grade fever using infrared thermometer. Those with more than 37.3 degree Celsius temperature should be isolated and advised to stay home.  

“The producer shall be responsible for obtaining self-declaration forms (on history of ailments like diabetes, hypertension cardiac issues etc including any recent bouts of cough, throat, fever etc) from people on sets as also cast, crew other employees on a daily basis. Such signed declarations should also capture the name, contact details, blood group of the individual,” the order reads.

The government has encouraged the members to download the Arogya Setu mobile application for identification of symptoms and treatment of persons suspected of having COVID-19 symptoms. The other guidelines include: maintaining physical distancing, avoiding handshakes and other physical greetings. The makeup and restrooms must be sanitised at all times, and studios and shooting locations should be fumigated regularly along with regular sanitisation of cameras, lights, equipment, set properties etc.


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