Revanth Reddy set to join Congress: A speedbump for the BJP in Telangana?

Political observers say it is a snub for the BJP that Revanth, who has a background with the ABVP did not consider joining the party.
Revanth Reddy set to join Congress: A speedbump for the BJP in Telangana?
Revanth Reddy set to join Congress: A speedbump for the BJP in Telangana?
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In one of the most eagerly speculated-upon political shifts in Telangana recently, former state TDP Working President Revanth Reddy resigned from the party’s membership as well as from the post of Kodangal MLA on Saturday. Revanth is expected to join the Congress in the coming days.

The decision, which has been in the making ever since Revanth’s visit to Delhi earlier this month – when he reportedly met senior leaders of the Congress – is bound to throw out ripples across the opposition parties in the state, say political observers.

The shift of one of the most popular younger leaders in the state is an obvious gain for the Congress at the cost of a desperate TDP.  But political observers point out that the move is also a major snub for the BJP, which has been showing signs of going solo in the 2019 elections to build up a larger base for itself in the state.

Senior political observer and journalist, Telakapalli Ravi, for instance tells TNM, "Once again it has been proved that the BJP doesn't have the ground in Telangana, as it has failed to draw leaders from other parties despite its claims.”

Ravi points out that Revanth’s move to the Congress will come especially hard for the BJP, considering the leader’s earlier political background. "It would definitely be a matter of distaste to the BJP that Revanth, a leader with an ABVP background, didn't consider joining the BJP.”

Professor Raja Ram, a political observer who teaches at the Telangana University, adds that the move is also likely to have an impact on other second-rung leaders in the state. "Revanth choosing the Congress over BJP is a major snap, which has dismantled the BJP’s so-called claim of being an alternative party to the TRS. It will also have a psychological impact on the second rung leaders who gave a thought to join in BJP, who will definitely rethink their plans now," he says.

The BJP, however, is quick to downplay any effects of Revanth’s shifts on its fortunes in the state.

Krishna Sagar Rao, the party’s Telangana spokesperson, says, "First of all, we don't think some great shift in the political scenario will take place following his switch. “If at all there is any affect that will definitely be to the party which he left –  the TDP. Why would our cadres follow him?"

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