‘Pressure to float party’: TJAC chief Kodandram keeps alive rumours of political entry

TJAC members want Kodandram to take on the ruling TRS in the Telangana, which has virtually no opposition.
‘Pressure to float party’: TJAC chief Kodandram keeps alive rumours of political entry
‘Pressure to float party’: TJAC chief Kodandram keeps alive rumours of political entry

Compelled by the members of Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC), Chairman Prof Kodandram is likely to float a political party soon.

Sakshi had reported that the professor will launch the party by January end and also claimed that the party name has been finalized. Adding weight to this speculation, The New Indian Express also confirmed the same, barring the finalization of the party name.

Speaking to TNM, Kodandram said, “There is pressure from the JAC (Telangana Joint Action Committee) to form the party. The deliberations are going on intensely.”

Despite seeking clarification if the reports speculating his political entry are true, Kodandram reiterated, “There is a pressure. We are seriously discussing about it. The deliberations are still going on.”

He refused to comment on the launch date of the party and the party’s symbol, but didn’t deny the reports either.

Most TJAC members want Kodandram to jump into the political fray to take on the ruling Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS). The prime reason for the TJAC urging Kodandram to take the political plunge is because of the dominance of the TRS in the state, which virtually has no opposition.

Kodandram said that he still sticks to his earlier stance of bringing in ‘value-based’ politics. Kodandram had earlier told TNM that he wants to overhaul the present political system and introduce value-based politics.

The retired professor of political science from Hyderabad’s Osmania University had earlier said he may contest in the 2019 Assembly Elections. He has also clarified that even if he launches a political party, the TJAC will continue to work as an individual body.

Kodandram had played a proactive role in the formation of Telangana by organizing protests. He formed the Joint Action Committee in 2009 for the cause and acted as its chairman. The JAC renamed as Telangana Joint Action Committee continued even after the state was realized. TJAC comprises of several teachers, advocates and students.

K Chandrasekhar Rao and Kodandram fought for the cause of a separate state together and when TRS came to power, the professor was promised a ministerial seat, which he refused.

Soon, however, the differences between the two grew and Kodandram became a vocal critic of KCR and TRS. He charged KCR with nepotism and betraying the ‘Spirit of Telangana’ which was promised during the Telangana movement. Irked with his continuous protests against the government, KCR accused Kodandram of being a “Maoist sympathizer” and a “Congress agent”.

He also hit out at KCR for inducting members of his family into the government, assigning them key portfolios.

“After achieving the separate state, everyone expected a major transformation. But nothing changed, except for self-centred people ruling the state,” said Kodandram earlier.

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