NDTV reveals babies being sold in Nalgonda district for a few thousand rupees

ndtv baby article title
ndtv baby article title
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A shocking spy camera operation by NDTV has revealed that girl children were being traded by brokers in Telangana's district of Nalgonda for a few thousand rupees. Uma Sudhir, NDTV's resident editor and a member of the state's child rights commission travelled to Nalgonda posing as a childless couple who wanted a baby.

The results were disturbing as it took them less than half a day to be offered an abandoned baby from a government-run home with many of the girls given up by families because they wanted boys. Though the children should legally be adopted, a lack of record maintenance aids these brokers in selling the babies as there is no official record of the baby.

The Nalgonda district is known for its poverty stricken belt. A case study had revealed that Some agencies travel to these areas in the district and pay the husbands of pregnant women as advance booking. In other cases, children are procured by adoption agencies by kidnapping babies from hospitals and nursing homes.

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