Hyderabad police arrest man for fake bomb call

Gouse Pasha from Khammam, who works as a 39-year-old cook at a hotel in Kukatpally in Hyderabad was arrested by the police for making a hoax bomb call.
Hyderabad police arrest man for fake bomb call
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A man who made a fake call to police about a bomb being planted in Alpha Hotel near Secunderabad Railway Station has been arrested, police said on Sunday, January 28. Deputy Commissioner of Police, North Zone, Rohini Priyadarshini said that the accused made the hoax call with an intention to spread fear among the public and to disturb public peace.

The accused had called police on dial 100 from his phone and informed police that he was near Alpha Hotel when he heard two suspects discussing planting of bombs. He also offered to help the police in catching the suspects. However, when the police personnel from Market police station rushed near Alpha Hotel and tried to call the accused, his phone was not reachable.

People in the surrounding areas were alerted. Higher officers and the Control Room were also informed. Bomb detection and disposal teams also reached the spot and checked in the Alpha Hotel and surroundings but no bomb was found. Police realised it was a fake call and registered a case under Indian Penal Code sections 153, 505(1)(b), 506 and 507.

Later special teams were sent to Khammam town and accused Gouse Pasha was arrested. On interrogation and other technical evidence, police found that he called police from Khammam. He admitted that to create fear and cause public disturbance like rioting, he called 100 and gave the false information.

A native of Khammam, the 39-year-old works as a cook at a hotel in Kukatpally in Hyderabad.

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