Heatwave in Telangana: IMD issues public advisory on do’s and don’ts

The Indian Meteorology Department has advised against stepping outdoors between noon and 3 pm.
Heatwave is expected til last till May 31, says IMD
Heatwave is expected til last till May 31, says IMD
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With heatwave like conditions expected to prevail until the end of May in Telangana, the Indian Meteorology Department (IMD)-Hyderabad has come with a set of advisories for the public to protect themselve.

Adilabad district recorded the highest temperature at 46 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. As many as 20 of the 31 districts in the state have recorded temperatures in the range of 45 to 46 degrees. The IMD has advised the public to stay indoors during most times of the day, especially during peak hours of heat between noon to 3 pm.

The IMD has advised the public to stay at home to beat the heatwave by spending time listening to the radio, watching TV or reading the news. The advisory also asks NREGA workers, farmers, traffic police, senior citizens those with outdoor work to take extra precautions. The IMD expects the heatwave-like conditions to remain till May 31. The state saw Adilabad touch a high of 46.3-degree celsius on May 24.

The IMD advised the public to drink sufficient amounts of water, even when not thirsty. However, persons with pre-existing medical conditions like heart, kidney or liver diseases who are on fluid restricted diets should consider consulting a doctor before increasing liquid intake.

The public has also been asked to wear lightweight, loose cotton clothes and to stay cool with the aid of a fan or a damp clothing and to take a bath in cold water. Those with pets have been advised to keep them in shade and provide them with plenty of water.

If you have to step out, the IMD has advised covering your head with a cloth, hat or an umbrella while also covering your face with a mask. If you have to go out for essential work, go out during the cooler hours of the day.

Employers have been advised to schedule strenuous jobs to cooler times of the day, as well as increase frequency and length of breaks for outdoor activities.

Police traffic personnel have been advised to wear cooling jackets while on duty and drink plenty of water. The IMD advises that relatively young people should be put on traffic duty during the day time. Senior citizens have also been advised to stay indoors and keep themselves cool.

It also advises to avoid cooking during these peak hours, and to ensure that doors and windows are open to ventilate the cooking area.

It is also being advised to avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks as they dehydrate the body.

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