Corruption in corporate sector must be flushed out, writes Kerala MLA Sabarinadhan

A decade after the Satyam scam, despite positive changes in the corporate ethics space, it is plagued by malpractices albeit in the higher echelons.

Time's Up: Why we need to stop being complicit in protecting sexual harassers

If you are someone who is choosing to be a bystander, wilfully turning a blind eye to the serial perpetrators around you, you are wilfully choosing to put other people at risk.

Dear men, if a woman freezes at your unwanted touch, that is NOT consent

The sheer number of people telling survivors “if you did nothing, you probably wanted it” has, time and again, forced us to recoil into a world of self-doubt and repression.

Why land degradation in India has increased and how to deal with it

India's goal is to achieve land degradation neutral status by 2030 whereby increases in land degradation would be offset by gains in land reclamation.

My period, my frenemy: How I got over the self-hate and learnt to welcome it

Getting your period is a very important part of becoming a woman. It's something we're supposed to announce to the entire world and then never speak about.

Why baby girl survival rates in India fall when gold prices go up

My colleagues and I suggest that this is linked to gold often being part of bridal dowries in India.

Ahead of UN meeting on TB, here is why India’s response to the disease is crucial

With a quarter of the world’s TB burden, India’s role in the global TB response cannot be overstated.

Yes, AI may take some jobs – but it could also mean more men doing care work

As robots and AI “take our jobs”, the care work that underpins all workplaces – and homes, and schools, and communities – ought to come to the fore.

ISRO spy case: Why the judgement in favour of Nambi Narayanan is a significant moment

Among other things, the judgement also recognised the mental torture suffered by hundreds of innocent people unjustly put through the drill of the justice system.

Thicker than blood: Queer kinship and choosing your own families

What is it that makes me queer, I often wonder. Is it how I live gender, and how I live in my body? What matters to me? What makes my world queer?