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AP MLA faces casteist slurs: Why Dalits must be selective about embracing spaces

There is nothing wrong in seeking equality in institutions that could eventually liberate us; but attempts to embrace spaces which serve no purpose for our emancipation are futile.

Kerala floods: We must recognise increase in women's domestic work after disasters

Speaking to women, it was evident that their workload had doubled after the floods. For instance, they were now boiling water not only for drinking purposes but also for washing utensils.

The pressing need to rethink adulation of politicians

Whether an obit or a newspaper article or a full-fledged book, Western commentators are far more balanced. They don’t hesitate to call out.

‘Raising girls right’: Stigma of HPV vaccine is increasing risk of cervical cancer

Across the world, the incidence of cancer is 25% higher in men, but in India, women shoulder the burden more.

A newsroom filled with ‘yes-people’ is a perfect recipe for bad journalism

We have all grown up listening to – and admiring – stories about journalists who had newsroom wars with their editors for the sake of good stories. Then what happened?

Quantity over quality? How the NMC Bill will dilute public healthcare in India

The Bill was passed in the RS last Thursday amidst protests from the medical community.

Do you want to be an LGBTQI+ inclusive workplace? This is for you

In the process of inclusion, it is perfectly alright to be proud of the work you do, but do not let it become a charity mindset.

POCSO amendments: Yes to time-bound probe, but NO to death penalty

The govt is patting its back by passing this law as an instrument to curb child sexual abuse, but there is little evidence to prove that the death penalty serves as an effective deterrent.

Why AIFF’s decision to relegate I-League clubs and instal ISL as top division is wrong

The reasons cited by the All India Football Federation are either completely wrong or partial truths at best.

Karnataka MLAs are insulting people’s mandate right now, and voters must punish them

By resigning just a year into their term, the MLAs are basically saying that the voter’s decision is irrelevant, compared to personal ambition and gain.