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Karnataka MLAs are insulting people’s mandate right now, and voters must punish them

By resigning just a year into their term, the MLAs are basically saying that the voter’s decision is irrelevant, compared to personal ambition and gain.

Why politicians in Karnataka are afraid of – and admire – DK Shivakumar’s ‘persuasion’

As his friends will tell you, Shivakumar is harmless, friendly and even rather charming, as long as you don’t cross his path. If you do however...

Karnataka crisis: BJP lures and lets warring Cong-JD(S) leaders do their job for them

There were 2 legendary rivalries in Karnataka politics that were attempted to be buried when this coalition govt was formed. One of them at least has a hand in its fall.

Why a critical rethinking of kings, temples and lands matters for law and human agency

Crucial questions about pre-colonial India, such as who invented caste, and why and how they went about legitimising caste in India, are still overlooked in scholarly and popular discourses.

Will Nirmala Sitharaman’s first budget empower women? A Cong leader's wish list

As the finance minister puts the final touches to her first budget, will the all-encompassing financial statement have the requisite protection and empowerment for women?

Opinion: Why TN needs to move beyond welfare-based approach to tackle child labour

Tamil Nadu has used a welfare approach through providing incentives for education, instead of striking at the root of the problem, which is the structure system of oppression.

Policy reform to deal with human trafficking: Will new govt at centre act?

Now that the BJP government has returned to power, it has to deal with the demand for legal reform on human trafficking by many organisations and survivors’ groups.

More stardust: Dr Payal Tadvi was killed by a heartless, soulless system

Dr Payal Tadvi could not have broken this system. It has never in a thousand years seen her as equal and never will – for the next thousand.

Why 37 dissenting voices from Tamil Nadu are equally important in Parliament

There are arguments that cry hoarse about how the 37 seats have been ‘wasted’. For one, no voice will remain unheard as long as it is raised.

Saffron sweep in Karnataka: The state has put aside differences to vote for Hindutva

While the rest of the South has been nearly immune to the Modi wave in India, there are multiple factors that have been in play for the sweep of Karnataka.