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How sex trafficking survivors in India undergo re-victimisation by the judiciary

The moment she receives the summons, the difficult memory work she has performed in a desperate attempt to delete the violence she has suffered disintegrates.

Open letter to Rahul Gandhi: Your Kerala leadership has failed miserably on Sabarimala

Rather than choosing to join progressive forces, the state party leadership has opted to align itself with Sangh Parivar elements.

Why Transgender Persons Bill 2018 is a healthcare nightmare for the community

The Bill in its present form will become a tool of oppression and institutionalise the violations already being faced by the transgender community.

My tryst with bipolar disorder: How I fought through several bouts of mania to embrace it

I don’t know for sure when my early symptoms of bipolar disorder started. But I never experienced full-blown mania until I was 31, seven years ago.

A For Apathy, B For Blabber And C For Cancer – Say Cancer, it will set you free

Cancer has made me realise every minute, every hour and every day that people who are fortunate to have access to treatment have so much to be thankful about.

Why opposing the 102-km elevated corridor in Bengaluru isn’t ‘anti-development’

Many cities across the world experienced exponential growth like Bengaluru, but they have also realised that the real solution isn’t in building expressways and flyovers, writes an activist.

What India could learn from Ethiopia about food security

Child undernourishment rates are now worse in India than in Ethiopia, This is despite the fact that Ethiopia has only a quarter of India’s per capita income and has suffered many famines in the 20th century.

'Me Too': Why we must shift focus from the survivor to society

Lend a ear, be supportive and let them know that they're not alone.

Rohith Vemula was the quintessence of 'million mutinies': Author Nikhila Henry to TNM

In this interview with TNM, journalist Nikhila Henry speaks about her book 'The Ferment: Youth Unrest in India' and how the discourse of youth politics in the country has changed in the last decade.

Sabarimala: BJP stirs religious cauldron while Congress stokes the fire

The BJP President Amit Shah's game is straightforward. He is eager to do a Tripura in Kerala.