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Why joining Shiv Sena is a deliberate political gambit by Priyanka Chaturvedi

An independent woman exercising political agency, autonomous from external constraints is such a rarity in India, it attracts scrutiny – where Shatrughan Sinha caused not a blink.

Extremism caused Sri Lanka blasts, a fractured government failed to stop it

Everything that has happened so far points not to ‘intelligence failure’ in Sri Lanka – but a failure of the nation’s political class.

KCR on a mission to weed out corruption in his second stint as CM, will he succeed?

When political corruption is unchecked, and the state’s many anti-graft bodies are toothless, will government employees be inspired to stay clean?

Saying ‘college was so much fun’ is a privilege: A half-Dalit, half-tribal woman writes

It took me 10 years after my B Tech to embrace my identity. It took me my MA to be able to say, I am Pallavi Banothu, Lambadi, an ST. It took me 3 years after that to articulate the trauma.

What the Congress and BJP manifestos offer women voters this election

Until we measure the governance of political parties with hard data, their talk is cheap, the vote is costly for voters, and women remain a corrigendum.

EC’s move to enrol persons with mental illnesses should be encouraged, not stonewalled

Does the law presume that persons who have the diagnosis of an impairment are of unsound mind for the purposes enrolling as voters? The short answer is no.

Is Karnataka’s feudal region ready to elect two women candidates?

Lok Sabha constituencies Vijayapura and Bagalkote both have women candidates standing for elections on the Congress-JD(S) ticket.

Why workplace sexual harassment is about power

As sexual harassment is a result of unchecked power, TNM examines the modes of power and privilege in the Indian workplace.

Who is afraid of TTV Dhinakaran?

In at least four Assembly constituencies, TTV Dhinakaran’s old Pressure Cooker symbol has been allotted to independents with the same name as AMMK candidates.

Opinion: How Rahul Gandhi could help Congress tighten its grip over Wayanad

Although late Congress leader MI Shanavas won from Wayanad in the 2009 and 2014 Lok Sabha polls, he rarely visited the constituency after getting elected.