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Opinion: Why TN needs to move beyond welfare-based approach to tackle child labour

Tamil Nadu has used a welfare approach through providing incentives for education, instead of striking at the root of the problem, which is the structure system of oppression.

Policy reform to deal with human trafficking: Will new govt at centre act?

Now that the BJP government has returned to power, it has to deal with the demand for legal reform on human trafficking by many organisations and survivors’ groups.

More stardust: Dr Payal Tadvi was killed by a heartless, soulless system

Dr Payal Tadvi could not have broken this system. It has never in a thousand years seen her as equal and never will – for the next thousand.

Why 37 dissenting voices from Tamil Nadu are equally important in Parliament

There are arguments that cry hoarse about how the 37 seats have been ‘wasted’. For one, no voice will remain unheard as long as it is raised.

Saffron sweep in Karnataka: The state has put aside differences to vote for Hindutva

While the rest of the South has been nearly immune to the Modi wave in India, there are multiple factors that have been in play for the sweep of Karnataka.

When partisan politics appropriates a tribal woman’s hard work and determination

Attappady tribals deserve better than mere sloganeering focusing on the manipulated magnanimity of the Chief Minister and the opposition leader.

Facebook's 'transparency' efforts hide key reasons for showing ads

It’s not obvious what information people most need to know about how they are targeted with ads. Facebook doesn’t claim to give complete explanations to users about why they’re seeing a particular ad.

Why wooing Christians in Kerala will be unavoidable for the BJP

The only option before the BJP to beat its stagnation in the state is to polarise the remaining voters: the minority block, that’s about 45% of Kerala’s population.

Narendra Modi’s performance on the Indian economy — 5 key policies assessed

The Modi government made little headway in providing the jobs that India’s aspirational youth so desperately seek.

Spoilers: Making people angry since Victorian times

Twitter and Facebook have become no-go areas for those yet to watch the lastest GoT or Avengers instalment, while various guides are offering help on how to live “spoiler-free” online.