PMO reduced to international travel agency: AAP on two years of Modi rule

Earlier on the day, the Congress also launched a scathing attack
PMO reduced to international travel agency: AAP on two years of Modi rule
PMO reduced to international travel agency: AAP on two years of Modi rule
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The Aam Aadmi Party on Thursday alleged that two-years of the Narendra Modi government at the Centre have seen only "corruption" and "hooliganism" and claimed the Prime Minister's Office has been reduced to an "international travel agency".

"Modiji got massive mandate on the development plank and the only development in the country has been done by PMO which is now functioning as an international travel agency. The officials have been reduced to travel agents who keep on arranging his visits to one country or the other," AAP leader Dileep Pandey told reporters.

"These visits are planned only in hope that situation or relations with other countries will improve but we have seen how they have gone worse be it with Pakistan, China or Nepal.

"There is no consistent, transparent, convenient foreign policy and the country has not reaped any benefits from your foreign trips. The FDI that you boast about has only turned out to be short term investment by foreign companies which come here for 3-4 months, make profits and leave," he added.

The AAP leader alleged that the Modi government was attacking educational institutions such as JNU, AMU, Allahabad University, BHU and FTII among others only to establish RSS ideology and it resorts to hooliganism to crush voices of dissent.

"They attacked so many educational institutions. We all know what happened in JNU, FTII, AMU and now in BHU. Their sole agenda has been to establish RSS ideology there. Wherever there are voices of dissent they resort to hooliganism" he said.

"There is hooliganism on chanting or not chanting of Bharat Mata ki Jai, Akhlaq was killed over beef, Rohith Vemula was forced to commit suicide. All these were part of the two-years of their regime," Pandey added.

Party leader Ashutosh alleged, "He is the first PM in our history to bow down in front of Pakistan. While he hugged Pakistan PM, Pathankot attack followed and ironically we asked the same party to investigate the attack who conducted it".

"Following three levels of corruption-regional corruption, national corruption and international corruption-Modi has proved himself to be standing parallel to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

"He not only kept silent on various corruption issues be it of Vasundhra Raje, Lalit Modi, Agusta Westland, Smriti Irani's degree or his own degree. Be it Supreme Court or High Court, BJP government was slammed but they did not learn any lessons. People feel let down for having voted for the party," he added.

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