PM Modi poster boy for broken promises: Congress

"His entire government and politics is built on a foundation of deceit and falsities"
PM Modi poster boy for broken promises: Congress
PM Modi poster boy for broken promises: Congress
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the "poster boy for broken promises", Congress alleged today as it tore into the performance of his government, which it dubbed as a "regime of lies".

"PM Modi has become the poster boy for broken promises.

His entire government and politics is built on a foundation of deceit and falsities," the party said in a scathing criticism of the Prime Minister in a commentary.

When campaigning for power, Modi promised the world to India and was "able to spread lies, in the garb of truth, across the nation. But, PM Modi s claims have been exposed in the last 2 years", the opposition party said.

Recalling that Modi had promised Indians two crore jobs a year, the party said in reality he has "only delivered 1.35 lakh jobs".

"This is after he had been screaming hoarse on how the Indian economy is booming under his government. If the economy is booming, where are the jobs? In a stark contrast, the UPA created 9 lakh jobs in 2011," the party said in the commentary posted on its website.

Taking a dig at Modi s supporters who claim that his travelling across the world has raised India's prestige abroad, it wondered as to what has been the product of his foreign policy? 

"Gurdaspur, Pathankot, Pampore, 1000 ceasefire violations have been the direct result of Modi s diplomacy. India has been left red-faced in our quest to become an NSG member," the party said.

Besides, it insisted that under Modi's "adroit" diplomacy, Russia has removed its arms embargo on Pakistan, China is going full steam ahead in propping up Pakistan, and the US has agreed to sell Pakistan fighter planes.

"Experts are still trying to find the success stories of Shri Modi's foreign policy!".

The commentary is titled "Soaring inflation, rising intolerance, Rupee in ICU, youths in long queue! Are these the Achhe Din promised by PM Modi?" 

It alleged that Modi and his government has been the "bane" for the middle and lower income groups in India. "From the soaring prices of pulses to his silence on the promise to increase the Income Tax base to Rs 5 lakh and doubling farmers income, Modi is unconcerned about fulfilling his electoral promises as he is too busy travelling across the world." 

The party said the Prime Minister has "failed" the women in India, by "completely neutering" the Nirbhaya centres.


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