Now get Napoleon in a wristwatch

Now get Napoleon in a wristwatch
Now get Napoleon in a wristwatch
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The News Minute| November 27, 2014| 2.33 pm IST

Swiss watchmakers have announced that watches containing Napoleon Bonaparte’s DNA are being developed and sold soon. De Witt watchmakers, the company that will be developing the watches, will use half millimeter slices of Bonaparte’s hair and add to the watch.

In this limited edition series of 500 watches, each watch will cost close to 8,000 euros. Europe’s fascination with the 19th century French emperor has never decreased, with a recent auction of his personal belongings, where his hat was bought for a whopping 1.9 million euros.

It was at this auction that De Witt acquired Bonaparte’s hair. Apparently, the owner of De Witt is a direct descendent of Napoleon’s youngest brother Jerome Napoleon, and hence the odd choice of adding his hair to their watches.

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