New launch date for India's Moon mission Chandrayaan-2

The launch had been scheduled for July 15, but was called off with less than an hour to spare due to a technical snag.
New launch date for India's Moon mission Chandrayaan-2
New launch date for India's Moon mission Chandrayaan-2
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After India's ambitious moon mission, Chandrayaan-2, was called off earlier this week following a technical snag with the launch vehicle, the Indian Space Research Organisation announced on Thursday that the launch has been rescheduled to July 22.

The launch will now take place at 2:43 pm at Satish Dhawan Space Research Centre in Sriharikota.

With less than an hour to go before the scheduled launch on July 15, ISRO aborted the scheduled launch following a technical issue with the nipple joint of the launcher. The countdown clock stopped at 56 minutes at 24 seconds.

The GSLV-MK III, the vehicle carrying Chandrayaan-2, is India’s most powerful launcher. It is set to hold 13 payloads — scientific devices — and one passive experiment from NASA. Chandrayaan-2 has three modules – an orbiter, a lander (Vikram), and a rover (Pragyan). The lander, Vikram, is set to touch base near the South Pole of the moon, which is the darker side of the moon. The lunar South Pole is especially interesting because of the lunar surface area here remains in shadow, and is much larger than that at the North Pole, according to ISRO. Because the South Pole does not get much sunlight, scientists believe it is more likely to have water.

This is supposed to be India’s first complex robotic mission to space; the first space mission to be entirely headed by women; first space mission to conduct a soft landing on the moon's South Polar region. Almost the entire orbiter, lander and rover were designed and made in India.

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