NCW member Khushbu Sundar draws flak for posing with Malayalam actor Dileep

Khushbu Sundar, a member of the National Commission for Women, could be seen in the picture with Dileep along with actors Suhasini Maniratnam, Jackie Shroff, and Ambika.
Actors posing with Malayalam actor Dileep
Actors posing with Malayalam actor DileepX/subhajrao
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National Commission of Women (NCW) member and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Khushbu Sundar has come under fire for posing for a picture with Malayalam actor Dileep, who has been accused of abducting an actor and being the mastermind behind her sexual assault. Other notable names who were also present in the picture include actors Suhasini Maniratnam, Jackie Shroff, and Ambika. 

Sharing the picture, journalist Subha Jayanagaraja, criticised the actors for posing with an actor who has been accused of masterminding sexual assault and how it was deeply triggering. She said, “National Commission for Women member Khushbu. Standing next to Dileep, man accused in sexual assault case. And there are Suhasini and Jackie Shroff too, among others. I know everything goes these days, but at least care for optics, if not for women."

Reacting to the picture, several people on social media also criticised the actors, especially Khushbu for posing with Dileep. They mentioned how it was the survivor who had to go through trauma while the perpetrator can pretend nothing happened. The user added, “And other women are okay as long as it is not them. Refusal to be in the same pic can be the bare minimum one can do.”

Another user pointed out how women in power and/or with influence do not care about expressing solidarity with survivors of sexual assault. He added, “This picture is an example to show that many women in power (or with influence) don’t want to really care about solidarity with victims of molestation/abuse/harassment/rape. It’s not that they CANNOT. They simply don’t WANT TO. Giving them that ‘power’ doesn’t make any difference (sic).”

One user pointed out how it was disappointing to see actors from the 80s and 90s with pictures like this. He added, “Suhasini, Shobana, Revathy, Khushbu, Radhika and many other women actors from 80s and early 90s have not only ended up being extremely disappointing, but also so vicious. Among all these women, Revathy's political stand hit me quite personally! Least surprising being Suhasini.” 

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