How Ramu, a 6-year-old Chennai dog got a new face after cosmetic surgery

A social worker rushed Ramu to a hospital, his story an incredible one
How Ramu, a 6-year-old Chennai dog got a new face after cosmetic surgery
How Ramu, a 6-year-old Chennai dog got a new face after cosmetic surgery
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Six-year-old Ramu's face was badly scarred and disfigured after he was attacked by a herd of pigs near the railway quarters of Ayanavaram in Chennai on August 15. 

One week later, a four-hour cosmetic surgery at the Madras Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) hospital on Saturday, has ensured that Ramu would soon be back to his old self. 

In a heartwarming tale, the six-year old dog got a new lease of life after animal lovers came forward to help him and took care of the medical expenses. 

Ramu reportedly ran away after being bitten by the pigs on August 15, only to return two days later to the street after which social worker R Preethi rushed him to the Madras SPCA on August 17, where a vet first dug out maggots that had been eating away his rotting face. 

"I got a call in the afternoon and immediately went to the spot to check out the dog's condition. I was totally shocked and took him to a multi-speciality clinic but they told it would cost around 25k for the surgery and boarding," Preethi tells TNM, as she recounts the story.

"I did not have that kind of money, so we started posting about Ramu and his condition following which people started coming forward with funds. It was later that I I found Dr.Chokalingam from the SPCA," she adds.

Five days later on August 22, after due medical care, Ramu was ready for the first skin grafting surgery of its kind at the Madras SPCA.

“Ramu's right upper jaw had been torn off from below the eye socket," Dr R Chokaingam, who led the operation team told The Times of India, while adding that it was a miracle that the dog survived. 

The doctors had to transplant skin tissue from his neck to restructure his face and the brave dog is now recovering and getting back to shape after being discharged on Sunday.

"Rescuing does not involve just funding and treatment, but also love and care," Preethi adds.

She also insists that though the owners loved Ramu, they would let him roam the streets alone, leading to this mishap. “I am an animal lover and could not bear to see Ramu’s plight. The owners were about to abandon him seeing his condition, but they have now realised how important it is to take care of a pet.”

Ramu was discharged on Sunday, and he is back home.

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