Bihar elections 2015 Live: Latest updates and trends

Bihar saw a high voter turn out at 56.8% this year.
Bihar elections 2015 Live: Latest updates and trends
Bihar elections 2015 Live: Latest updates and trends
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Its decision day for Bihar as the NDA (BJP and LJP) and the Grand alliance (JDU, RJD, Congress) await the results of the Bihar legislative Assembly election 2015.

Jitan Ram Majhi, former JDU member and state's Chief Minister for a short stint is also contesting with his Hindustani Awam Morcha (HAM) and so are the Owaisi brothers with their All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM).

Bihar saw a high voter turn out at 56.8% this year. If the grand alliance wins, it could mean a third spell for Nitish Kumar as chief minister. The election is important for the BJP, as Bihar has 16 seats in the Rajya Sabha, where the party presently does not have a majority.

The magic number for simple majority is 122.

1:00 pm: EC: BJP 60, Cong 18, JDU 71, LJP 2, RJD 76, RLSP 2, HAM 2, Ind 5

12:50 pm: We respect the mandate of the people of Bihar. Best wishes to the new government to move forward on the path of the development of Bihar: Amit Shah

12:40 pm: EC: BJP 60, Cong 16, JDU 72, LJP 5, RJD 75, RLSP 2, HAM 2, Ind 5

12:25 pm: EC: BJP 57, Cong 13, JDU 69, LJP 5, RJD 75, RLSP 3, HAM 2, Ind 6

12:07 pm: Sonia Gandhi calls Nitish to congratulate him.

12:03 pm: Dainik Jagran reports that BJP's Muralidhar Rao says RK Singh and Shatrugan Sinha gave them 'dhoka'

11:58 am: Barkha Dutt: Narendra Modi calls Nitish Kumar and congratulates him on the huge bihar win

11:45 am: Ram Madhav tells Arnab that he can only say "morning", not "good morning".

11:40 am: EC: BJP 54, Cong 12, JDU 60, LJP 6, RJD 68, RLSP 3, HAM 3

11:35 am:

11:32 am: Mamata Banerjee: "Congratulations Nitish Kumar ji, Lalu ji & your full team. And all my Bihar brothers & sisters. Victory of tolerance, defeat of intolerance"

11:30 am: Shiv Sena hits out at Modi: When Congress loses its Sonia ji's responsibility, similiarly BJP must accept that Bihar results is Modi ji's responsibility

11:27 am: I thank the people of Bihar for their overwhelming support & blessings for the Mahagathbandhan: Nitish

11:20 am: Sharad Yadav on reasons for BJP loss: Cows and Pakistan.

11:10 am: EC: BJP 48, Cong 10, JDU 49, LJP 5, RJD 51, RLSP 3, HAM 3

11:05 am: Yogendra Yadav "I doubt this is great victory for social justice or secularism"

11:00 am: "What a comeback for JDU+. In 1 hour their leads have overtaken that of ours. It looks a photo finish. What an election," Ram Madhav, National General Secretary, BJP

10:57 am: Javedkar: "BJP lost only because of alliance arithmetic."

10:55 am: Prakash Javedkar: "Modi's development mantra is a marathon, not a 100 metre race".

10:50 am: Trends: ABP - JDU+ 144, BJP+ 90. NDTV - JDU+ 135, BJP+ 97

10:46 am: BJP spokesperson Sidharth Nath Singh: "No question of questioning the leadership of Amit Shah"

10:43 am: Sharad Yadav tells NDTV's Sreenivasan Jain: "BJP tried to hold tail of cow and win, but failed."

10:40 am: Certain now that JDU+ will win. The 'real question', as TV anchors like to put it, is by what margin?

10:36 am: Vir Singhvi: It was never too close to call. It was just too early to call

10:34 am: CNN IBN: JDU+ 149, BJP+ 81. ABP: JDU+ 125, NDA+ 96

10:30 am: CNN IBN says it was the first channel to call the elections

10: 26 am: ABP playing Nitish's campaign song "Phir se Phir se Nitish". Supporters dance at JDU office.

10: 22 am: EC: BJP 25, Cong 5, JDU 21, LJP 1, RJD 33, RLSP 2, HAM 2, Ind 3

10:20 am: ABP calls the elections in favor of Nitish Kumar

10:18 am: Trends: ABP - JDU+ 119, BJP+ 91. NDTV - JDU+ 118, BJP+ 103

10:15 am: EC: BJP 25, Cong 5, JDU 15, LJP 1, RJD 26, RLSP 1, HAM 2, Independent 3

10:13 am: After tense morning, Nitish supporters now confident

10:08 am: Trends: ABP - JDU+ 109, BJP+ 92. NDTV - JDU+ 107, BJP+ 108

10:06 am: Sharad Yadav: "We expect to get 150 seats"

10:05 am: EC - BJP: 23, Congress: 4, JDU: 11, LJP: 1, RJD: 23, RLSP: 1, HAM: 2, Independent: 3

10:00 am: TV channel panels: What's happening? No one has a clue, but everyone has something to say.

9:58 am: ABP: Now celebrations at the RJD office in Patna

9:56 am: The mood seems to be shifting towards a Mahagatbandhan win

9:55 am: Amit Shah calls for BJP Parliamentary board meeting at 12 pm: ANI

9:53 am: NDTV downgrades its prediction for BJP, says set to win 132-136 seats

9:51 am: Trends: ABP - JDU+ 83, BJP+ 79. NDTV - JDU+ 82, BJP+ 111

9:50 am: Rajdeep: Lok Sabha TV saying BJP leading. Rajya Sabha TV saying JDU is leading

9:49 am: Why are there wide margins between results on different channels? Yogendra: Stringer data and agency data different

9:47 am: Election Commission: BJP 11, Cong 2, JDU 5, RJD 10, HAM 1

9:45 am: Trends: ABP - JDU+ 71, BJP+ 106. NDTV - JDU+ 80, BJP+ 81

9:40 am: Election Commission: BJP - 10, Congress - 1, JDU - 4, RJD - 10, HAM - 1

9:37 am: Yogendra Yadav: "Lalu had contempt for the very idea of development"

9:35 am: Trends: ABP - JDU+ 71, BJP+ 85. NDTV - JDU+ 65, BJP+ 101

9:32 am: Both sons of Lalu Prasad Yadav trailing: ABP

9 30 am: Trends: ABP - JDU+ 70, BJP+ 79. NDTV - JDU+ 65, BJP+ 93

9:25 am: Celebrations are already underway in BJP's office in Patna as party workers are in an upbeat mood

9:20 am: As of now, early trends show that the NDA is in the lead with some reports predicting that the BJP may get a full majority.

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