'Why drag my name in?': AMMA President Mohanlal feels victimised over Dileep issue

According to AMMA, Dileep resigned on October 10th. Strangely, they sent letters to WCC members on October 11th saying general body will decide on Dileep's suspension.
'Why drag my name in?': AMMA President Mohanlal feels victimised over Dileep issue
'Why drag my name in?': AMMA President Mohanlal feels victimised over Dileep issue

On Friday, the Executive Committee of AMMA (Association of Malayalam Movie Artists) convened a press meet in Kochi to announce that Dileep has officially resigned from the organisation. "I called Dileep and requested him to resign, he did. We accepted the resignation," Mohanlal told the media.

While addressing the media, Mohanlal also decided to use the opportunity to express his disappointment at being 'unfairly targeted in the Dileep issue'.

"It is affecting me. I am becoming the target of this. National and international media is making me the face of this. I don't know if this is an opposition to Mohanlal the actor, or something else," he told press persons.

The actor reiterated multiple times that he was hurt over being dragged into the issue.

"I am not satisfied. I was never involved in this and I don't believe I need to get abused the way I have been getting abused. Surely, I don't deserve these fingers that are pointed at me. I am also an individual," he said.

Mohanlal has been on the receiving end of criticism for failing to act promptly in the Dileep issue. However, contrary to his claims, most criticism has been directed at his actions as the president of AMMA, the chair he currently occupies and not at him personally. 

In the October 12th press meet held by actors Revathy, Parvathy and Padmapriya, WCC had made it clear that they had no faith in the leadership of AMMA.

When did Dileep resign? 

When a reporter asked Mohanlal whether Dileep had resigned on October 10th, the actor nodded. On Monday, AMMA secretary Siddique had also said that Dileep had resigned on October 10th. Siddique had went on to allege that he suspected WCC press meet on October 13th was called in a hurry as the women members knew that Dileep had already resigned.

What is strange however is that AMMA sent a letter to Revathy, Padmapriya and Parvathy on October 11th, a day after Dileep apparently resigned. The letter said, "The issue regarding the suspension of Mr Dileep has been decided to be referred to the General Body by the Executive Committee." The letter had two paragraphs on Dileep and concluded saying, "As the issue is contentious, the Executive Committee feels that a decision with respect to the matter has to be arrived at in a democratic and transparent manner."  

Time and again, AMMA under Mohanlal's  leadership has been vague regarding the very same issue. Mohanlal and the other executive members' inability to carry out the duties or take strong decisions is what has drawn flak from the WCC.

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