Kerala actor assault case: Pulsar Suni says people with money power will escape

Suni has been dropping several hints about the ‘big sharks’ involved in the case for a while now.
Kerala actor assault case: Pulsar Suni says people with money power will escape
Kerala actor assault case: Pulsar Suni says people with money power will escape
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Pulsar Suni, the first accused in the 2017 Malayalam actor assault case, has been giving out cryptic hints on those involved in case.

“Those with money power will escape while I would be left to languish in jail,” Suni revealed to reporters as he was being taken away to the Angamaly magistrate court, according to a Manorama report.

Suni, the prime accused, was being taken to court to comply with the judge’s order that all accused in the case be present when Malayalam actor and eighth accused in the case, Dileep’s plea seeking visuals of the attack was coming up in court.

Suni has been dropping hints about the ‘big sharks’ involved, every time he faced the media. He had earlier rubbished, actor and Dileep’s wife Kavya Madhavan’s statement to the investigating team that she did not know Suni and had no idea about the alleged conspiracy.

“It is idiotic to say that Kavya doesn’t know me. She knows me very well,” Suni had told reporters while being taken to the Kunnamkulam Magistrate court in another case. However, when probed further, he refused to divulge details and dodged all questions.

Earlier, the alleged involvement of a ‘Madam’ had surfaced during the investigation process.

The accused had then revealed to the police that he had been taking orders from a ‘Madam’. Confirming this, advocate Pheney Balakrishnan, who was questioned by police after he claimed that two men had approached him to secure a bail for Suni, told the police that the men had referred to a ‘Madam’

Suni had promised the media that more information on the identity of ‘Madam’ would follow, but he has remained mum on the subject since.

When reporters asked if Kavya was the ‘Madam’ in questioned, he refused to comment and said instead that ‘Madam’ did not have much involvement in the case.

Suni’s latest hint comes during the hearing for Dileep’s plea seeking visuals of the actor’s assault and sexual abuse. In the hearing, the court ruled against handing the visuals over to the actor, stating that it could be misused and the privacy of the actor had to be protected.

Dileep who was arrested on July 10, 2017, received conditional bail after spending 85 days in prison.

With the trial set to commence, he was given access to 700 pieces of evidence in the case, including pictures and CCTV visuals. However, the video footage of the assault was not handed over but his counsel was allowed to view it, according to the Manorama report.   

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