Hate campaign against actor Parvathy, thousands target her upcoming movie 'My Story'

Thousands of comments that poured in said that the hate campaign was solely against Parvathy and ‘Feminichis’.
Hate campaign against actor Parvathy, thousands target her upcoming movie 'My Story'
Hate campaign against actor Parvathy, thousands target her upcoming movie 'My Story'
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The cyber-attack on actor Parvathy for her remarks on Mammootty starrer ‘Kasaba’ seem to continue undeterred.  The actor is now being subjected to a hate campaign with thousands of social media users targeting her new movie My Story.

The hate campaign against her movie comes days after police nabbed two youngsters for sending obscene messages to the actor on social media. While one of the two men (Printo) got bail, the other (Rojan) who had sent rape threats has been rejected bail.

The video of the making of a song from the movie My Story by Roshni Dinaker starring Prithviraj and Parvathy has got 53,000 dislikes on Youtube, and just 5,000 likes. The comment section is filled with people challenging Parvathy and ‘feminichis’, a slang in Malayalam used to describe feminists.

Comments poured in both on Facebook and Youtube saying the film will be boycotted as a sign of disagreement against the feministic statements made by the actor. Some comments read that the dislikes were not against Prithviraj, the film or the song but to teach Parvathy a lesson for her ‘arrogance’

"I like you #Prithviraj and your movies but somehow watching this song I really didn’t enjoy and you know the reason well by now. #OPKV", read a comment.

"Sorry Mr. Raj..  BIG DISLIKE, not bcos of YOU, this is for “OMKV”, said another comment. 

Many people identifying themselves to be fans of actors like Mohanlal, Dileep etc said that this was the only way to show Parvathy their might.

A comment said- “Sorry Prithvietta, next film make sure Parvathy is not there, I will watch first day first show.”

One YouTube user mockingly asked if people who disliked the song would be arrested by police, in a clear move ot trivialize rape threats received by a woman.

Another song titled Pathungi got 37,000 dislikes and 8,000 likes. The comment section however has been disabled for this song on YouTube.

The hate campaign was not restricted to attacking Parvathy on the social media pages related to her movie or co-stars, but many were using it to their benefit.

Certain FB pages sponsored posts for garnering likes, and openly urged people to like the page if they disagree with actor Parvathy.

One Facebook page called ‘Mollywood news’ put out an advertisement asking those who have decided not to watch actor Parvathy's films to like their page.

Yet another Facebook page called  ‘Thenga kola’ said, “Those of you who hate Parvathy, like the page.”

Mammootty had broken his silence on Kasaba row last week saying he hasn't assigned anyone to defend his films on his behalf, Mammootty also said that the freedom to express one's opinion is as important as the freedom of free speech. But it seems his fans are adamant that Parvathy needs to be ‘taught a lesson’ for having an opinion.

The controversy broke out earlier in December, when Parvathy said that Mammootty's film Kasaba has several dialogues that were demeaning to women. She was speaking at a panel discussion on representation of women in cinema at the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK). 

Her statements soon snowballed into a major controversy, with the actor receiving death and rape threats on several social media platforms. Parvathy had however, refused to take the abuse lying down, and filed a complaint with the Kerala police. Based on her complaint, the police arrested two persons for sending her threatening messages on social media and booked them under the IT Act. 

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