'Centre not addressing our fears': Grandson of late Muslim League leader quits BJP

Sayid Thaha Bafaki Thangal had quit the IUML five months ago to join the BJP's Minority Morcha.
'Centre not addressing our fears': Grandson of late Muslim League leader quits BJP
'Centre not addressing our fears': Grandson of late Muslim League leader quits BJP
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Sayid Thaha Bafaki Thangal, the grandson of SA Bafaki Thangal, one of the founder members of the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) in Kerala, has quit the BJP in protest against the controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). Five months ago, Sayid, a member of the Muslim League's first family in Kerala, had quit the IUML to join the BJP's Minority Morcha as its State Executive Committe member. However, he resigned from the party following the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act and the government's reluctance to address the massive protests against the act. 

The politician, who is the chairperson of the Thangal Trust, also told local media that the Muslim community is visibly shaken and that the Centre has not done anything so far to allay their fears. 

"I am a full believer of Islam. However, I do not have any differences of opinion with those from other religions. I share great relationships with people from other religions. However, the Muslim community today is in a state of deep fear. But, the Centre is not even holding an all party meet. And is not responding to this fear among the community. Therefore, I do not wish to see my community upset and continue in this party," Thangal told Asianet news. 

Explaining his delay in tendering his resignation, Thangal added that he waited a few weeks to see if the Centre would take any action. 

"I waited a week or two to find out if the Centre would take any action, hold any all party meeting etc. However, there was no action from their side. Many atrocities are happening in our country in the name of this (CAA). Just because the bill has been passed in the LS and RS, not taking into account public sentiments is not fair. What sort of justice is that? That too, they are especially not taking into account the sentiments of a certain community. Therefore, my decision is to quit from this party," he added. 

Apart from Thangal, several other prominent personalities from Kerala's Muslim community had joined the BJP after the party's national leadership instructed the state's leaders to work with minorities in Kerala. 

Some of the members from the community include Calicut University former Vice Chancellor M Abdul Salam, former Seva Dal leader Muhammad Shiyas, AAP leader Sheikh Shahid etc. 

However, with the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act and plans to execute the NRC, fissures have opened between the BJP's state leadership in Kerala and its members from minority communities.

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