RSS holds second protest against Jesus statue in Karnataka, calls it a Christian conspiracy

Let people who wear chaddis, pants and dhotis come here and speak, it doesn't matter," DK Shivakumar retorted
RSS holds second protest against Jesus statue in Karnataka, calls it a Christian conspiracy
RSS holds second protest against Jesus statue in Karnataka, calls it a Christian conspiracy
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The RSS on Sunday held a rally in Karnataka’s Ramanagara against the installation of the Jesus statue at Harobele. Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat, the organisation's south-central region executive committee member led the rally and made several statements against the Muslim and Christian communities.

The row over the Jesus statue began after Kanakpura MLA DK Shivakumar laid the foundation stone for the installation of a 114-feet statue at Harobele on December 26. Currently, there is a 12 feet statue of Jesus on top of the hill.

Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat accused the Christian community of forcefully trying to convert Hindus in the region. He said previous governments had decided to allot the land only to members of the Christian community.

“They have allotted the land to over 200 people who live around the hill. It was allotted to those who belong to the Christian community. One name is there, Victoria Rani, daughter of Puttappaiah Achar. Why should Victoria Rani live here, her time is over. You (referring to the Christian community) are forcefully converting people. Religious conversion is a big problem in this country,” Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat said while adding, “How many more people will you convert? Pakistan was created, now are you trying to create a Christian place? They (Christian community members) are out to install a huge statue of Jesus Christ on that temple. Why? Because they want this place to become the biggest spot for Christians to visit.”

The RSS leader went on to claim that the statue of Jesus would be installed over an idol of a Hindu god – Muneshwara. “The people of the village located just a few meters away from the hill have been worshipping god Muneshwara. On top of this hill, there are stones, which have engravings of the figure of Muneshwara. These people have installed the Jesus statue on top of that. Are you planning to stamp Hindu religion by doing this?” he added.

Reacting to Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat’s statement, Kanakapura MLA DK Shivakumar said that the RSS leader’s statements would not deter him from pushing for the installation of the statue.

“Let people who wear chaddis, pants and dhotis come here and speak. The BJP is operating here through the Sangh Parivar. The party has won 26 Lok Sabha seats in the state and yet they are doing all these things to keep their support base. People of Ramanagara will never back them. I will continue to fight for the installation of the statue,” he said.

RSS leader calls two victims of police shooting as terrorists

Addressing the rally at Ramanagara, Kalladka Prabhakar Bhat also called the two victims of police firing in Mangaluru on December 19 as terrorists. Kalladka Bhat alleged that the anti-CAA protesters in Mangaluru tried to attack a police station due to which the Commissioner had ordered the police force to shoot at protesters.

“Around 50 policemen were injured and 30 policemen were admitted to the hospital. It was then that the Commissioner issued an order to shoot. Two terrorists died. After that all protesters ran away,” he said.

He went on to say that members of the Muslim community were trying to turn Mangaluru into “another  Pakistan”.

“There was no need for us to hold such an event as this one in Ramanagara if they (referring to members of the Muslim community) had not resorted to such violence. They want to make Mangaluru a second Pakistan. Lad ke lenge Hindustan is their agenda. We will not allow the place to become like Pakistan. If you (Muslims) want to live here, live with Hindus. Live by the vibrant culture of Hindus,” he said while adding, “Muslims in this country say Pakistan ki Jai but they never go to Pakistan. This is because among all countries in the world, Muslims are happy only in India.”


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