‘People forced to live like dogs’: Kannada organisations ask PM for flood relief

The association also urged the Centre to settle the Mahadayi dispute fearing acute water shortage in the north Karnataka districts in the summer.
‘People forced to live like dogs’: Kannada organisations ask PM for flood relief
‘People forced to live like dogs’: Kannada organisations ask PM for flood relief
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Unhappy with the current situation prevailing in north Karnataka following the recent floods, pro-Kannada organisations have written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the hope of getting prompt relief from the Centre.

The Kannada Organisations Action Committee in Belagavi, which was the most affected district in the state, has sent a letter to the PMO on Saturday on the issue. Urging the PM to intervene, the association said that there might be starvation deaths pointing to a recent tragedy where a four-year-old child died due to malnutrition in the district.

The association also asked the Prime Minister to solve the interstate dispute between Karnataka and Maharashtra regarding the Mahadayi river water sharing issue.

In its letter, the association said that the Centre could have released at least 50% of the estimated loss amount after the flood damage assessment report was received by none other than Home Minister Amit Shah and Finance Minister Nirmal Sitharaman.

Speaking to TNM, president of the association Ashok Chandargi said, “We have elected 25 BJP MPs from the state. Why have none of them have tried to sort the issue out? The CM even went to Delhi, even then no funds have been released. Why is this happening?”

He added, “I can understand that the full extent of the money claimed by the state cannot be given, but at least a portion of that can be given as interim relief. People are forced to live like dogs.”

The letter also stated, “People of the flood-affected districts eagerly waited for you to do an aerial survey of the flood damage, when you visited the state to watch the Chandrayaan mission live. But unfortunately you did not come to the flood affected districts. We are unable to understand the Centre’s stony silence on the agonies faced by flood victims.”

It added, “After an aerial survey by two top dignitaries of your government, we had very high expectations that the relief funds will be released to meet our grave situation. But we have been disappointed following non-release of funds despite frequent visits by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka Yediyurappa ji to New Delhi to seek central assistance.”

Mahadayi dispute

On the Mahadayi issue, the association urged the PM to intervene and settle the matter amicably as there are BJP-led governments in Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

The letter said that if the dispute dragged in the Supreme Court like the Cauvery issue, which went on from 2007 to 2014, people of 13 taluks of 4 districts, including the Hubli-Dharwad twins cities, will suffer heavily due to acute drinking water shortage in the summer months.

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