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Not opposed to caste census but survey has to be scientific: Karnataka DyCM Shivakumar

Shivakumar stated that many MLAs have objected that the caste survey has not been conducted appropriately.

Karnataka Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar on Tuesday, December 12 clarified that he has not opposed the caste census at any point and anywhere. "My stand is that the caste census survey must be conducted scientifically and in an organised manner," he said in response to a question on Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge’s statement in Rajya Sabha that BJP leaders and Shivakumar are opposed to the caste census implementation.

Shivakumar stated that many MLAs have objected that the caste survey has not been conducted appropriately. "There are complaints that door to door visits were not conducted during caste census. All communities should get their rights as per their population. Minorities and scheduled castes and others will demand funds and rights as per their population. We have sought clarification on whether the caste survey has been done scientifically," he said.

"We have faith in social and economic surveys. I support the stand of the Congress to provide social justice to all classes and communities. As per the Central government classification, I am also a leader from OBC communities. I have to see all classes of people equally as a state President of the party," he added.

Asked about missing documents from the caste census records, Shivakumar maintained he didn't know about this matter. "I have spoken to the Chairman of the Backward Classes Commission Jayaprakash Hegde and got the information that the caste census report is not signed by the Member-Secretary. Without the signature of the Member-Secretary, how can the caste census report become legitimate is the question," he underlined.

Asked about rumours of his joining the BJP with 50 to 60 MLAs after the Lok Sabha elections, he stressed that he is a Congressman by birth. "I am not mad to join another party. I have my own principles. I have great confidence in the Gandhi family and the Congress. I can’t account for other statements in this regard. Let them talk, I won’t bother," he stated.

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