No lessons learnt, Siddis described as ‘Negroes’ again by Karnataka Government

Karnataka Handbook Preface
Karnataka Handbook Preface
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The Karnataka Government in its latest official publication ‘A Handbook of Karnataka’ has used the word ‘Negroes’ –a racist term- to describe the Siddi community in Karnataka. The Siddis are a local community which has African origins. The handbook has been published by the state gazetteer department.Gopal Rama Siddi, vice-president of Siddi Jana Jagruti Trust in Yellapur in Uttara Kannada district told the Bangalore Mirror, “Although several researchers have traced our history to African countries none has referred to us as 'Negroes'. We all have been called 'Siddi community' since time immemorial. Siddis cannot be referred to as Negroes.”The department officials say that the content was copied from the 2010 publication and that is when the blooper occurred.On page 98, the handbook says, "There was a long revolt in Supa, jointly led by men from Goa and Uttara Kannada, who included some  Siddis (Negroes) in 1858-59. Though the uprisings were suppressed, its lessons were not totally forgotten. The Nagar Uprising (1830) ultimately resulted in the founding of Mysuru Representative Assembly in 1881."And this is not the first time, even in the 2010 handbook, the same mistake has been made.   

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