NCW claims woman under pressure to file false complaint against Prajwal Revanna, SIT says will probe

It must be noted that the NCW is not talking about the three women who are already complainants in the case but about another woman.
Prajwal Revanna
Prajwal Revanna
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The National Commission for Women (NCW) on Thursday, May 9, claimed that a woman approached them saying that she was under pressure from strange people who pretended to be from the police department to file a false complainant in the Prajwal Revanna sexual abuse case. It must be noted that the NCW is not talking about the three women who are already complainants in the case but about another woman. Prajwal Revanna is the grandson of former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda and three women have accused him of sexual assault.

The woman who approached NCW alleged that a group of people claiming to be police threatened her to lodge a false complaint.

The NCW said in a statement, “One woman complainant came to the Commission to register a complaint against three individuals dressed in civil uniform, allegedly introducing themselves as Karnataka Police officials and forcing her to give a false complaint in this case.

“The woman claimed that she received calls from random numbers threatening her to lodge a complaint. It has come to light that this complainant was forced by a group of individuals to file a complaint under the threat of potential harassment and false implications."

TNM asked the SIT chief, who heads the Special Investigation Team in this case, and he said they were unaware about this woman. “The SIT came to know about this woman only day before yesterday after NCW forwarded the complaint to SIT. No one from SIT has contacted her before and she had not filed any complaint with us.

SIT has started an enquiry to know the identity of the person/s who had made a call to the woman and necessary legal action will be taken against such persons,” he said.

The NCW has asked Karnataka DGP Alok Mohan to provide security to the woman.

TNM also spoke to the family of one of the woman complainants, who confirmed that their complaint still stands. This woman had been allegedly kidnapped by Prajwal’s father HD Revanna.

Kumaraswamy uses the moment

Taking a cue from the NCW's allegation, former Chief Minister and JD(S) state President HD Kumaraswamy accused the Special Investigation Team (SIT) probing the case of threatening the victims with prostitution to extract false statements. “The investigating officers are going to the doorsteps of the victims and threatening them. Tell us, isn’t it a fact that the SIT officers are threatening the victims with false prostitution cases against them? Is this how the probe is being conducted," Kumaraswamy questioned Revenue Minister Krishna Byre Gowda.

Alleging that the SIT investigation is biased, a JD(S) delegation led by former Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy also met Karnataka Governor Thaawar Chand Gehlot on May 9, seeking the probe to be handed over to the CBI. The case is being handled by the Karnataka police Special Investigation Team.

The state government has failed to stop the circulation of the alleged videos, causing a lot of agony, sorrow, and humiliation to the families of the victims, he claimed. The activities of the SIT are controlled and monitored by the state government on a day-to-day basis,and the SIT is working at the behest of the Chief Minister and the Deputy CM, he alleged.

Before meeting the Governor, HD Kumaraswamy spoke to the media and claimed that the government is pitting his community against each other.

“Many Vokkaliga leaders, including Ramalinga Reddy, Chaluvaraya Swamy, Krishna Byre Gowda and all ministers, are standing with the government over SIT investigation. This is what they do, they bring Vokkaliga leaders to fight against me…”

He added, “As per my information they have brought the family of victims, kidnapped woman. Why haven't they produced them before the court? Why have they been kept in some guest house? Why can't the SIT give information about her appearance before the magistrate?...Their intention is nothing but to keep HD Revanna in jail for three days.”

“It is impossible to expect a free, fair, and impartial inquiry from the SIT, as it is influenced and misguided by the state government. Therefore, the intervention of the Governor has been sought to recommend the case for a thorough inquiry by the CBI.” he said after meeting the Governor.

The Special Investigation Team investigating the alleged sexual abuse by Prajwal Revanna has issued a helpline for survivors to reach out for assistance or protection. 6360938947 is the helpline number.

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