Manipal student tries to sneak girlfriend into hostel in a suitcase

The student at Manipal Institute of Technology was caught after the caretaker became suspicious of the bulging suitcase.
Manipal Academy of Higher Education building
Manipal Academy of Higher Education building
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An engineering student at the Manipal Institute of Technology in Karnataka’s Udupi was caught trying to sneak his girlfriend into his hostel by stuffing her into a large suitcase on Wednesday, February 2. The student was caught after the caretaker became suspicious of the bulging suitcase and proceeded to further investigate. Fortunately, the student stuffed in the suitcase was alright and didn't need any medical care.

According to a report in the Times of India (ToI), the caretaker asked the student why he was carrying such a large piece of luggage and the student responded saying that it contained several things he had ordered online which further raised the caretaker’s suspicion. When the caretaker demanded to know what was in the bag, the student further tried to avoid him by saying that the goods were delicate. However, the caretaker refused to accept the explanation and demanded that the suitcase be opened following which the other student was found.

Following the incident, a video of a girl popping out of a suitcase after a security check became viral on social media. However, the video was not of the incident at Manipal Institute of Technology. Speaking to The New Indian Express (TNIE) a Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) spokesperson said that the video had been wrongly attributed to MAHE on social media and by several media organisations.

A source told TNIE that both the students were residing at the Manipal campus. The boyfriend was an engineering student and the girlfriend was a commerce student residing at Block 5 and Block 13 respectively.

According to the ToI report, the students have been suspended from the hostel and they have returned to their homes.

The source further told TNIE that the hostel wouldn't allow outsiders when the COVID-19 cases started increasing amid the third wave and due to this, the boy had come up with this ingenious plan as he wanted to spend time with his girlfriend.

After the incident, several memes have cropped up on social media. A Twitter user uploaded a picture of his luggage case with a puppy sitting in it and said, “He will go to Manipal for college, clearly.”

Another Twitter user shared a video of a child excited about a new suitcase and said, “She’s obsessed with suitcases, she’ll probably go to Manipal for college.”

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