Looking for guilt-free dessert options in Bengaluru? We’ve got you covered

From Taantraa to Jus’Trufs, Bengaluru has a host of dessert places that serve up delicious sweet treats that also happen to be healthy.
Healthy bakes by Soul Treat and Healthy Bakes 'n' Brews
Healthy bakes by Soul Treat and Healthy Bakes 'n' Brews

 As more people are choosing healthier food options, restaurants and chefs across the country are experimenting to create healthy alternatives for everything from paneer butter masala to burgers, without compromising on flavour. And this extends to desserts as well. Whatever your favourite sweet treat is, there is a healthy version out there. From ragi chocolate brownies to sugar-free ice cream, we bring you five outlets in Bengaluru, which specialise in guilt-free desserts.


Artisanal breads made by Chaitali of Taantraa (Facebook) 

There is something magical about the way Chaitali of Taantraa creates healthy versions of regular desserts and somehow manages to make them taste even more delicious. At Taantraa they swap regular baking ingredients with healthier alternatives like jaggery and almond flour, among others. The desserts look so scrumptious that one wouldn’t be able to guess that they are healthy bakes. Although a little on the expensive side, the regulars keep coming back for more and swear by the flavours. The sweet potato bread flies off the shelves.  


Sugar-free Chocolate Sundae by Artinci (Facebook)

Are you on a diet but have strong sweet cravings?  Worry not, Artinci has got you covered. They have a wide range of sugar-free desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. From sugar-free and natural ice cream to keto cheesecakes and vegan cookies, their desserts are super popular. So, no matter what special diet you are on, you can find something at Artinci. Make sure to check out their honey blissed ice cream, which is a favourite. Artinci’s healthy desserts can be enjoyed at their store in Bengaluru’s Mahadevapura or can be ordered through their website or via Swiggy and Zomato. 

Soul Treat

The Rum Caramel Cake by Soul Treat (Facebook)

Out of necessity, Nikita Sanjay Narang, the driving force behind Soul Treat, started baking with healthy ingredients. It all started when she was on a strict diet which meant no refined flour, and she had a craving for cake. She swapped the refined flour with whole wheat flour, butter with low-calorie oils like olive oil and rice bran oil, to bake delicious and healthy cakes. She started selling her products and people were hooked. Regulars say that Soul Treat’s bakes taste amazing and are flavourful. The Red Velvet Cake is said to be one of their biggest hits. 

Healthy Bakes 'n' Brew

The Unicorn Chocolate Cake by Healthy Bakes 'n' Brew (Facebook)

Located in Bengaluru’s Jayanagar, this cafe and bakery is known for its healthy treats that also happen to be pocket-friendly. Healthy Bakes n Brew bake their cakes with whole wheat flour and you can customise it to be eggless, vegan or even sugarless, depending on what you want. The cafe has an interesting food and beverage menu as well. Definitely make sure to try their oats and ragi brownie cake and almond cookies next time you find yourself in that part of town. 


The Belgian Truffles at Jus' Trufs  (Facebook)

From a quaint store in Bengaluru’s Jakkur area, these chocolatiers ship out orders to people around the country. There is also a cafe on the premises, where the honey banana French Toast served is supposed to be good according to patrons. But more importantly, for those on a diet they have vegan and sugar-free desserts as well as sweet treats made using jaggery.  So when you have a sweet craving and need a healthy dessert option, try their artisanal truffles made with jaggery or their vegan cookies.

The Brooklyn Creamery

The chocolate covered bars of The Brooklyn Creamery (Facebook)

And last but not least, we have The Brooklyn Creamery. This might be an American-based company, but their ice cream flavours are available across the city. And with good reason. It is hard to believe something so creamy and tasty could be healthy as well. The brand specialises in low-calorie ice cream that is sugar-free. Yes, you read right. They also have vegan options and claim that their ice cream has 60% less fat when compared to regular ice cream. You can choose from flavours like Soho Berry and Brooklyn Bridge Butterscotch as well as the sure to be a summer hit, Holy Moly Mango. You can get The Brooklyn Creamery ice cream at Nature’s Basket and other supermarkets or order it home via Big Basket and Swiggy.

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