Karnataka govt school teacher suspended for turning up drunk regularly

Drunk teachers are apparently a common sight, but action was not taken because of lack of proof, says Education department
Karnataka govt school teacher suspended for turning up drunk regularly
Karnataka govt school teacher suspended for turning up drunk regularly
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On Wednesday morning the students of Marur Government Higher Primary School in Chamrajnagar district were shocked to find their teacher lying on the platform outside the class.

According to Bangalore Mirror, the students, who were worried that the class did not start until10:30 am, had gone out looking for their teacher. They found their teacher lying on a platform and initially thought he was unwell, however after examining closely, they realised he had fallen as he was inebriated.

The students even arranged for a mat for their teacher to sleep on. The officials of education department woke him up by pouring a bottle of water on him, reported BM.

Hanur block education officer (BEO) Thimme Gowda confirmed that the teacher had come to school drunk and it was not the first time.

“We had got similar complaints over his behaviour earlier. For the last few months, his drinking habits had soared to a new level,”he said.

“I have received an official report from my juniors and have sent a letter to the Chamarajanagar deputy director of public instruction recommending his suspension. Mahadev used to teach students from classes four to six at the Marur school,” he said.

A student said, “Last week, we were sent out of the classroom saying it was a holiday. When I went back home, my parents asked why a holiday was declared and brought me back to the classroom to question the teacher. However, we were shocked to know that the teacher had actually converted an empty classroom into a bar and was busy drinking. He later confessed that he had to send the children home as he was an alcoholic. After this incident, there were several warnings from parents upon which the teacher stopped drinking in class. While we did believe him when he said he would reform, Wednesday's incident was quite shocking. Initially, we were worried about his health.However, only later we realised that he was in an inebriated condition.”

Education department officials said that it was common for teachers to come drunk to schools at various quarter, however action was not taken because of lack of proof.

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