Karnataka to decide on distributing Ayurvedic medicines to increase immunity

The meeting was called for by Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa in view of the rising cases of coronavirus in the state since June 1.
BS Yediyurappa
BS Yediyurappa
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The Karnataka Chief Minister has met with legislators and parliamentarians from the state to discuss the issue of managing the increasing cases of COVID-19. A preliminary plan was sketched and a decision was made to review whether distribution of Ayurvedic medicines to increase the immunity levels is a viable option. 

One should note that the neighbouring state Tamil Nadu is actively distributing Kabasura Kudineer through its local bodies in an attempt to improve immunity among the people. Kerala has also said that it would look into using Ayurveda as part of its arsenal in combating coronavirus, and has begun using ayurvedic fumigation medicine, which has been proven effective.

During the meeting, various points were discussed on what role the politicians would play as part in managing the situation. This meeting comes after Chief Minister Yediyurappa had announced that there wouldn’t be another lockdown in the state, as the economic situation also needed to be assessed. 

Chief Minister Yediyurappa has asked the state’s MLAs to visit hospitals and bring to his notice the situation on the ground. The MLAs also suggested that a nodal officer be appointed for each Assembly constituency to act as a point person in handling the situation. The Chief Minister said that action has already been taken in this regard.

Among other suggestions included that private hospitals have been identified to house patients with COVID-19. However, the state government on Wednesday issued a list of 20 private hospitals where 50% of the beds would be allocated for patients with COVID-19. However, legislators were apprehensive that private hospitals would not comply as they were unhappy with the price cap set by the government. 

“It was assured by all (private hospitals) that they would cooperate with the government in handling the COVID-19 situation,” the Chief Minister’s Office said in a statement. 

CM Yediyurappa assured that he would consider the suggestions given by all MLAs and MPs and take further action.

In addition several other decisions were taken including setting up a facility in each Assembly constituency; separate ambulance facilities would be enhanced to transport bodies of deceased COVID-19 patients as there are no such arrangements currently.

The legislators also suggested that huge marriage halls in the outskirts of Bengaluru City could be converted into quarantine centres for asymptomatic patients. The state government responded by stating that action in this regard is currently being undertaken.

Further, Yediyurappa directed the health department officials to monitor the treatment given by the private hospitals to COVID patients.

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