The father-son dynamic: Are K'taka BJP leaders unhappy with Yeddyurappa and BY Vijayendra?
The father-son dynamic: Are K'taka BJP leaders unhappy with Yeddyurappa and BY Vijayendra?

The father-son dynamic: Are K'taka BJP leaders unhappy with Yeddyurappa and BY Vijayendra?

BJP sources say that Yeddyurappa has distanced himself from several trusted aides due to his son's advise.

In the last eight months, BJP state President BS Yeddyurappa has only one thing on his mind - topple the Congress-JD(S) coalition and become the Chief Minister of Karnataka.

With his single-minded focus on staging a coup and bringing down the government, Yeddyurappa has managed to anger several BJP leaders, who believe that the party’s state leader must be focusing on preparing for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections instead.

BJP insiders say that Yeddyurappa’s desperation to avenge himself for the insult he suffered being tagged as a two-day CM, may end up costing the BJP in the general election. The Congress and JD(S) have alleged multiple times that Yeddyurappa has been trying to lure their MLAs by promising them plum ministerial berths, tickets to contest elections and also huge sums of money. And due to this constant effort to topple the government, fissures have formed within the BJP’s state unit and Yeddyurappa has sidelined many influential leaders, sources say.

“Some of the leaders don’t want him to be the state President any more. Ever since Yeddyurappa’s son Vijayendra has stepped up his political game, Yeddyurappa has been distancing himself from people who were his close aides. He trusts only Vijayendra now,” a BJP source said.

According to BJP insiders, MLAs R Ashoka and CT Ravi, who had earlier rallied against Yeddyurappa’s nomination as the state President, feel that after the demise of BJP leader Ananth Kumar, Yeddyurappa has given into dynastic politics.

“Yeddyurappa’s son BY Vijayendra badly wanted to contest the Lok Sabha polls from the Shivamogga segment. He has been trying to lure Congress leaders with the help of Balakrishna Jarkiholi. Vijayendra believes that if he gets due credit for toppling the coalition, he will have higher chances of obtaining a ticket to contest the polls,” the source said.

The source also said that Yeddyurappa has also distanced himself from his long-time confidante R Ashoka and also seniors like Basavaraj Bommai. “Eshwarappa and Yeddyurappa were never on good terms. Yeddyurappa has not realised that it’s time to stop poaching efforts and listen to the high command. Although there is no constant bickering, the dissatisfaction is there,” the source said.

Several senior leaders, also believe that Yeddyurppa has kept them out of the decision making process. “Now it’s becoming a father-son situation, which BJP has accused JD(S) of. If this continues, then the voters will not trust our leaders to make the right decisions,” the source added.

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