Did Bengaluru woman hire hitmen to murder loan shark husband for sexually exploiting debtors?

Kumar allegedly sexually exploited women who couldn’t pay back loans, and Doreen found out.
Did Bengaluru woman hire hitmen to murder loan shark husband for sexually exploiting debtors?
Did Bengaluru woman hire hitmen to murder loan shark husband for sexually exploiting debtors?
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It’s a plot straight from the movies: a 48-year-old woman from Bengaluru allegedly hired hitmen to kill her loan shark husband.G Kumar, a money lender, was hacked to death on April 6 near the Kalpalli cemetery near Frazer Town.

The East Division Police, on April 12, arrested five people including Kumar’s wife Doreen and have uncovered that his wife had contracted his murder when she found out that he was sexually exploiting women who took loans from him.

54-year-old Kumar would lend money for a very high rate of interest to people in his locality. He would offer to give money mostly to women.

If any woman failed to clear the loan or pay interest, Kumar would waive her loan off if she agreed to have sexual relations with him, the police claimed.

“He had extramarital affairs with a few women as well, and Doreen was aware of it. She had demanded that he change his behaviour multiple times. When she found out that aside from the affairs, he was bartering loan waiver for sex, she sketched a plot to kill him,” said DCP East Ajay Hilory.

Doreen enlisted the help of a man named Sridhar, who had borrowed money from Kumar, to hire killers, the police said. Kumar had loaned Sridhar Rs 5 lakh. Doreen and Sridhar got to know one another during Sridhar’s visits to her home for paying interest.

“She discussed her marital problems with Sridhar and had expressed her anger for her husband, who she claimed was unfaithful. She agreed to waive off Sridhar’s loan if he helped her kill Kumar,” Ajay Hilory said.

“She agreed to pay Sridhar Rs 30 lakh to arrange the killing of her husband, and also promised to waive off the loan he had taken from her husband. She had paid Sridhar Rs 2 lakh in advance as well. Sridhar then contacted a person named Prabhu, who is a habitual offender, and proposed the plan,” the DCP said.

Prabhu in turn took the help of Dinesh, Avinash and Patrick, who sketched the plot to bump off Kumar.

The four men allegedly approached two women – Clara and Revathi – and asked them to pose as women wanting to borrow money from Kumar.

“Clara and Revathi convinced Kumar to meet them near the cemetery. They, however, did not expect Kumar to come along with a friend. Kumar was hacked up, but his friend managed to escape. Clara and Revathi have not yet been booked as no material evidence has been obtained which implicates them,” DCP Hilory added.

The other accused have been booked for murder and conspiracy. While Doreen, Prabhu, Patrick, Dinesh and Avinash have been arrested, Sridhar is currently absconding.

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