BJP trying to destabilise Congress guarantee schemes: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

CM Siddaramaiah challenged Union Home Minister Amit Shah for a public debate for his charge that Karnataka's treasury is empty because of the guarantee schemes implemented by the Congress government.
BJP trying to destabilise Congress guarantee schemes: Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah
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Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Sunday, February 11, charged that BJP is trying to destabilise the guarantee schemes in the state. The CM said that if the BJP has any objections to the guarantee schemes they should clearly state it and discontinue all the welfare schemes in the states governed by the BJP.

”Why, instead, are BJP leaders trying to destabilise guarantee schemes in Karnataka? Do they harbour hatred for the people of Karnataka?” Siddaramaiah questioned.

“Now, Union Home Minister Amit Shah, who has arrived in Karnataka, has vented his envy towards our government by saying ‘the treasury is empty because of the guarantee schemes.’ If this is Amit Shah's firm opinion, he should participate in a public debate with me,” he stated.

Siddaramaih said that he can prove that Karnataka’s treasury is not empty because of the guarantee schemes. Instead, there is an unfair distribution of taxes from the Centre to the state. This is also a challenge to Amit Shah, Siddaramaiah said.

“When talking about Karnataka, the same BJP leaders who oppose the guarantee schemes in our state, are promising to implement the same guarantee schemes in the states they govern. The honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who opposed our guarantee schemes, has now stolen not only our guarantee schemes but also the name 'guarantee' and is advertising under the same name. This shows the anti-poor stance and intellectual bankruptcy of that party,” CM Siddaramaiah stated.

“Home Minister Amit Shah, who speaks against our guarantee schemes, shows disdain for Kannadigas. Opposition to the Kannada flag, attempts at Hindi imposition, and the conspiracy to favour Amul over Nandini are all achievements of Amit Shah,” he said.

If the central government has to provide disaster relief, a high-level committee meeting chaired by Home Minister Amit Shah has to decide. Amit Shah, who is antagonistic towards Kannadigas, does not even call for such a meeting. Such people come to our state and lecture us, Siddaramaiah alleged.

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