Bengaluru’s lake woes never end: Pervert flashes at women visitors

Another one to the long list of problems
Bengaluru’s lake woes never end: Pervert flashes at women visitors
Bengaluru’s lake woes never end: Pervert flashes at women visitors
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​On Monday morning when Kavitha Reddy, who is a part of the Agara Lake Revival team in Bengaluru, went to the lake for an inspection, she saw something far more ridiculous and shocking than what she was expecting: it wasn’t dirt on the lake, but a dirt-bag pervert exposing himself after unzipping his pants in front of women.

The man was standing opposite the storm water drain (SWD) near the Agara Lake with his pant down.

“I visit the lake regularly for a walk or a jog, but on Monday I was inspecting the drain as I was told the rains were causing a problem in the drains,” says Kavitha. “I saw a man standing on the other side of the SWD. He must have entered that side as the fencing is broken due to excess garbage dumping by the corporation. Then I noticed that his pants were down and he was flashing at me,” she says.

Kavitha said that he disappeared into the bushes the second she brought out her phone. She managed to get these pictures of him.

Kavitha says that both cops and Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike officials are responsible for this.

“I don’t expect the cops to be patrolling this area, but a basic watch or check should be done to avoid such miscreants from entering through broken fences,” she said.

Agara Lake comes under the Lake Development Authority and the storm water drain is under BBMP. Hence, LDA does not have a say on what happens on the storm water drain side of the lake.

“We have complained to the BBMP many times about garbage dumping. They only resort to burning the garbage, so we have just stopped complaining. Eventually the fences also break and miscreants like these gain entries,” she further explained.

Kavitha added that the man could hide anywhere as the area is covered with bushes and these activities will discourage women walkers from coming to the lake. The lake revival team’s requests to install CCTV camera have been falling into deaf ears, she claimed.

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