Bengaluru’s Assaye Road a nightmare for motorists, made worse by rains

Assaye Road was made into a single-lane road in June, and though motorists use both lanes now, the quality of the road is disintegrating.
Assaye Road in Bengaluru
Assaye Road in Bengaluru
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Commuters and those living near Assaye Road along Bengaluru’s Ulsoor Lake have been in distress since June, owing to the ongoing water pipe laying works in the area. This has not only made this important road, connecting Ulsoor to Pulakeshi Nagar, become half of its original size, but the condition of the remainder of the road has also disintegrated.

The pipe laying work has made the road susceptible to traffic jams. Motorists, especially those on two-wheelers, complain that they find the road dangerous to travel.

"When the roads near Ulsoor were dug up, two lanes of traffic were forced to go through a single lane, which often caused a lot of inconvenience and deadlocks. Now, a few months later, vehicles are using both lanes, but there's no repair done on the previously excavated sites. They lead to a lot of safety issues, especially during the rains when I am not able to see any potholes or an irregular stretch of road. Slow-moving traffic adds on to the risk factor as two-wheelers struggle to find balance," said Anurag Anand, who lives near Assaye Road.

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