Bengaluru is world's 6th most congested city: Study

Bengaluru, which held the second position in 2022, continues to remain India’s most congested city, according to TomTom, a location technology specialist based in Amsterdam.
Bengaluru traffic
Bengaluru traffic
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Bengaluru's global standing among the most congested cities has improved by a minute, according to TomTom, a location technology specialist based in Amsterdam. The city held the second position in 2022, it has now slipped to the sixth spot. However, Bengaluru still remains India's most congested city.

TomTom reported that the average time to cover a distance of 10 kilometres in Bengaluru was approximately 28 minutes and 10 seconds in 2023, compared to 29 minutes and 9 seconds in 2022. This improvement in travel time has moved Bengaluru from being the second slowest city globally to the sixth position. The average speed in Bengaluru stands at 18 kmph, slower than any other Indian city.

TomTom Traffic conducted comparisons across 387 cities in 55 countries, analysing the average travel time. To assess traffic efficiency worldwide, TomTom considered average vehicles with different drive types, including petrol, diesel, and electric vehicles.

New Delhi, the national capital, holds the 44th position globally for congestion, with an average time of 21 minutes and 40 seconds required to cover 10 kilometres. Mumbai ranks 54th, with an average travel time of 21 minutes and 20 seconds in 2023. While London maintains its position as the most congested city globally, with an average speed of 14 kmph, the difference from Bengaluru's average speed is not significant. Other cities such as Dublin (16 kmph), Milan (17 kmph), Lima (17 kmph), and Toronto (18 kmph) are slower than Bengaluru, as per TomTom's report.

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