Bengaluru citizens group spreads awareness on COVID-19, distributes 1500 masks

The initiative was started by Citizens 4 Citizens, who want others to also take up similar initiatives.
Bengaluru citizens interact
Bengaluru citizens interact
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A citizen's group has come together to remind the people in their locality that they need to continue following guidelines to safeguard themselves from coronavirus. On a warm Thursday evening, people from Bengaluru’s Vasanthnagar took it upon themselves to do something to help the community.

They lined up in a group, while maintaining physical distance, holding up placards which said “Do not spit” “Stay indoors” “Wear mask” and “Wash your hands”.

The idea was that people need to be reminded about the seriousness of the issue, Rajkumar Dugar, coordinator of C4C says.

About a dozen people from Citizens 4 Citizens (C4C) gathered on Thursday, in the space opposite Mount Carmel College, and at around 5 pm, began moving through the Streets of Vasanthnagar to spread awareness.

They walked throughout the neighbourhood for about 90 minutes, carrying their awareness-raising banners and asking people to maintain physical distancing norms.

At the same time, they also distributed masks to those people who didn’t have a mask on. In 90 mins, they gave away 232 Masks, the group said in a message.

So far, the group has made and distributed over 1500 reusable cotton masks.

“On 24th March, hours before the PM announced the first Lockdown, C4C had implemented physical distancing in Vasanthnagar by painting markings outside shops and stores," the group says.

They have also been looking after the freshly planted saplings in the area, making sure that they don’t die during the lockdown.

Finally, C4C says that they want other organisations to carry out such activities in their own localities, wherever possible, “so that a combined effort helps us all win.”

Such initiatives have been started in other places around the world, where guidelines are gently reinforced, and masks are being distributed rather than just impose fines.

The BBMP has collected lakhs of rupees from the public for not wearing masks in public.

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