What do politicians think of Beyonce? This Irish journalist decided to find out

Surprisingly, her email got 37 responses from the members of the Irish Parliament.
What do politicians think of Beyonce? This Irish journalist decided to find out
What do politicians think of Beyonce? This Irish journalist decided to find out
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Some of life's most interesting questions may strike you at the most unassuming of times. 

That is what exactly happened last week with journalist Amy O'Connor, who works with the Ireland-based publication The Daily Edge

"I was sitting at my desk, minding my own business, when it occurred to me that I didn’t know what any of our politicians thought of Beyoncé," she wrote

And so, O'Connor sent an email to each of the 158 TDs- members of the Dáil Éireann or the Irish Parliament- with three questions on their thoughts on the Queen Bee. 

"Do you like Beyoncé?", "If you answered YES, what is your favourite Beyoncé song?" and "If you answered NO, why don’t you like Beyoncé?"

Surprisingly, 37 of the 158 Irish politicians responded to her queries. 

"This was as much an exercise in finding out what they thought of Beyoncé as it was in seeing who would actually take the time to respond," O'Connor wrote in her piece where she assembles all their answers. 

Many gave direct and to the point answers. 

"Hi Amy what a pleasant questionnaire of course I like Beyoncé my favourite song is Halo," John Brassil said. 

Colm Brophy said, "The answer is yes I do like Beyoncé and my favourite song is Crazy in Love."


Some fans gave more enthusiastic answers.

"Like most people I’m a huge fan of queen B, to paraphrase Kanye she’s “one of the best of all time”. After a long day in the Dáil, putting my feet up and treating myself to some old school Destiny’s Child is one of my favourite ways to unwind. ”Survivor” would have to be my favourite song of hers, what an anthem! It almost describes the life of a politician “I’m not gon stop, I’m gon work harder, I’m a survivor," Declan Breathnach wrote. 

There were also those who said they either did not like her or had no opinion of her. 

"Can’t say I dislike Beyoncé but am somewhat indifferent I suppose.  As regards favourite song by her, can only think of ‘if I were a boy’ so that may qualify as the one," Barry Cowen, the first TD who responded to her email, wrote back.

Sean Crowe said he is "not too familiar with her songs".  

Pat Buckley was one politician who, in fact, criticised Beyonce and Ivy Park, the clothing line she owns with retail billionaire Sir Philip Green. 

"I’d like her a lot better if she paid the Sri Lanka women who sew her clothing line a decent wage while she enjoys a personal wealth of over a quarter of a billion dollars," he wrote. 

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