Watch: Nivin Pauly’s next film with Dijo Jose titled Malayalee From India

The nearly 7 minute promo video features the filmmaker Dijo Jose Antony trying to narrate the story of the next film which comically contradicts actor Nivin Pauly’s expectations.
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Navin Pauly has announced his next film with filmmaker Dijo Jose Antony. The film is titled Malayalee From India. The film’s promotional video was released on Monday, December 25. The nearly 7 minute video features the filmmaker Dijo Jose Antony trying to narrate the story of the next film which comically contradicts Nivin’s expectations. The film is written by Sharis Mohammed, and produced by Listin Stephen. 

The video starts with Dijo Jose trying to look for Nivin Pauly for the story narration and he is directed to the gym where the actor is not working out but is watching his trainer exercise. Once the narration begins, Nivin Pauly says that he wants to star in a pan-Indian film with dialogues in every south Indian language but the director says it will be a “pakka local film.” Dismayed at this prospect, Nivin seems hesitant but Dijo Jose convinces him by saying that nobody can pull off this film except him. 

As the video progresses, Dijo Jose describes the location and some characters in the film which are completely contradictory to the visuals of these descriptions. For instance, when the director describes the setting of the movie as a “village overflowing with love and brotherhood”, the video shows a car being exploded in what appears to be a riot. Similar videos and descriptions are used to introduce the love interest, the hero’s sister, his mother, his sidekick, and even his look in the film. 

Watch the promo video here:

After the narration is completed, Nivin Pauly agrees to do the film and the title is revealed shortly after. Later Dijo is seen speaking to Listin saying that he “bluffed to his best abilities” and the producer has to take care of the rest. The video ends with a dig at the India-Bharat renaming controversy. Nivin Pauly asks Dijo Jose if the title would have India or Bharat to which the director replies how both are the same but they will use India. 

This is Dijo Jose’s first collaboration with Nivin Pauly. He made his debut as a filmmaker in 2018 with Queen. His next film was Jana Gana Mana, an intense courtroom drama,featuring Prithviraj in the lead role.

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