Watch: 'Instagraamam’ trailer suggests a fun Malayalam web series

The web series is directed by Mridul Nair and produced by Dr Leena S.
Watch: 'Instagraamam’ trailer suggests a fun Malayalam web series
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The trailer starts slowly with the revolving earth and the narrator's funny voice-over. "Since it doesn't have any other job, it keeps rotating from morning to evening," he says and adds, "but our story does not happen on the earth, it happens in Andippara." A Kerala village where the story happens, the one that the title Instagraamam (Insta-village) refers to. But then as the trailer proceeds, the slowness disappears and it is mayhem all over.

The new Malayalam web series is directed by Mridul Nair and produced by Dr Leena S.

Mridul has written the series with J Ramakrishna Kulur.

The trailer shows a man (Sabumon) announcing a grand festival at the local temple and the villagers suggesting ideas for cultural programmes, including a dance by actor Shobana. The one-liners and music that follow suggest a comic series. However, among all the apparent comedy is also a distasteful line that takes a dig at the #MeToo movement.

The comic series features film actors like Gilu Joseph, Ambika Rao, Kolapulli Leela, Deepak Parambol, Balu Varghese, Arjun Ashokan, Ganapathy, Subhish Sudhi, Sabumon, Gayathri Ashok, Alencier, Ramesh Pisharody and Dinesh Prabhakar, among others.

Sunny Wayne, Sidharth Menon (actor and singer of Thaikkudam Bridge), Aditi Ravi, Srinda and Saniya Iyappan will make special appearances.

The cinematography is by Arun James, Pavi K Pavan and Dhanesh Raveendranath. The music is by Yakzan Gary Pereira and Neha Nair.

Director Mridul Nair has recently released a Hindi short film called Ghar Se on YouTube, featuring Nimisha Sajayan, Dinesh Prabhakar and Ambika Rao. The film was about an unusual stand taken by two seemingly submissive women of a lower income household towards a rapist in the family.

Malayalam web series began to get noticed with comic series like Karikku, a popular show featuring the stories of a few young men and their blunders. Actor Archana Kavi launched another short comic series called Meenaviyal last year. 

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