Want to make a short film with zero budget? 'D 16' Karthick Naren’s quick tips

The 'Dhuruvangal Padhinaaru' director has been putting up video blogs for aspiring filmmakers.
Want to make a short film with zero budget? 'D 16' Karthick Naren’s quick tips
Want to make a short film with zero budget? 'D 16' Karthick Naren’s quick tips
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Young director Karthick Naren who made a sensational debut with the crime thriller Dhuruvangal Padhinaru (D-16) has been posting video blogs on his channel for aspiring filmmakers.

“I used to post my short films previously. It has been two years since I last posted anything here. So I decided to venture out into vlogging,” he says in one of his videos.

In his first video that was published on January 26, the director lists five important do's and dont’s for someone who is working on their very first feature film. The six and a half minute video has gained more than 43,000 views so far.

“Don’t share the script with everyone,” he begins. Karthick goes on to explain how it is important to narrate the detailed script only to trusted members. “Five years later, you might watch a trailer and feel that it is similar to your story. Then upon watching it, you’ll realise it’s your story. Then there is no point trying to fight for it,” he says.

He also lists other dont’s such as: Stay away from negativity, don't worry about rejections, don't say no to opportunities and finally don't have a fallback mechanism. This last point, he endorses with a video clip from Christopher Nolan’s film Dark Knight Rises. “In the scene, the prison inmate tells Bruce Wayne to jump like how the kid did- without the rope. Likewise, don't have a fallback option. Jump entirely into what you're doing. Only then you can give your 100 percent,” he says.

On the do's, his first suggestion is to make short films. “You’ll gain enough technical knowledge and you’ll also learn how the audience will receive your film,” he says. He also talks about keeping oneself motivated and to approach through the right channel.

Karthick also requests all aspiring filmmakers to watch new releases in theatres. “Only then you’ll be able to appreciate the film in its entirety and also understand audience preferences,” he says.

In his latest video, he talks about how to make a short film with a zero budget, discussing the tasks involved in pre-production, production, and post-production.

“Writing is the first editing. Make it strong and fix a proper script,”  he says.

Karthick also discusses the kind of camera that can be used for filming. While working on a no-budget film, it is important to use the locations available. “If you don't happen to get any such locations, you can try outdoors,” he says.

He also goes on to discuss the post-production processes like editing, dubbing, background score and colour grading and how to do them without spending too much.

“If you don't have a proper budget or manpower for your film, please don't let yourself down. It is all about learning all the craft,” he adds, concluding with a shot of Joker from Nolan’s Batman film saying, “You gotta do everything yourself.” 

Watch the video here:

The director is well known for his short films. His 2014 short film, Nirangal Moondru won a couple of awards. Karthick Naren is currently working on his upcoming project Naragasooran starring Arvind Swamy and Shriya Sharan.

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