Six bizarre petitions from that you should sign now!

Or not.
Six bizarre petitions from that you should sign now!
Six bizarre petitions from that you should sign now!
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Feeling revolutionary but too lazy to move out of your beanbag? Here’s a list of causes you can support without overworking your brain.

We bring you a collection of truly bizarre petitions from

Stick to the moon’ji’

Prabhu K feels strongly that Tamilians should stop saying ‘ji’, a colloquial term popularized by Tamil movies.

“Long ago, not so long ago, the only ji's in the life of tamilians were in'ji' moon'ji' then'ji' sen'ji' etc. In fact there is no equivalent of J in tamil. 

With this historical background, it is shocking to see the cultural degradation amongst Tamilians today by adding 'Ji' behind every persons name. To be honest this ji culture was propogated by Vijay TV and Airtel supersinger. Unfortunately it has spread into nook and corner of TN. We need to act really fast.”

257 persons agree with Prabhu. How about you, ji?

Hindi dubbing hurting hai

Super ScaryKitty thinks it’s high time we stop dubbing anime, movies or TV series in Hindi.

“Why do you people continue to dub anime, movies or TV series in Hindi such that it kills the actual feel in it??? It really hurts people who have seen or read the undubbed version... It's a pain to see you guys messing with the names of the characters... You guys change everything from a small charm or spell to the hideous version of the title itself... It's pitiful really for the fans; so stop it already.. Even if u feel its necessary or you are doing good to humanity... PS~ Stop Hindi dubbing Shingeki no Kyojin or Attack on Titans...I can't bear to watch Levi speak in Hindi... #savewaifusavelaifu”

Only 12 persons agree. Super ScaryKitty, we suggest you tell yourself “Ek gaon mein ek kissan raghu thaatha” and let it go.

Is no fair, Rajinikanth

Fair and Ugly Racist Hall of Shame (yes, that’s the petitioner’s name) is appalled that Rajinikanth has signed a deal with ‘Fair & Handsome’.

“Dear Rajinikanth, 

How could you, of all the people in the world, sign a deal with Emami's 'Fair and Handsome' brand?  You, who stand for everything that this brand is not.  That brand is the devil, and you were God.......... at least, till a few days ago.  Now, where is the God gone?”

Fair & Handsome was listed as a sponsor for “Kabali” but we didn’t really see Rajinikanth applying the cream on his face. Instead, we had Kumudhavalli tell us eloquently how much she loves the “karuppu power”.

Relax, brother, Rajini isn’t going to turn mottled skinned as in your ‘After’ cartoon.

65 persons are concerned about this cause. How about you?

The show must go on

Shalak A has written a long and impassioned essay on why Balaji Telefims must, absolutely must, have another season of the TV series Jodha Akbar.

“Dear Balaji Telefilms This is to inform you that I on behalf of all the PARIJAT Fans worldwide is writing the petition/appeal to inform you that we are asking for ANOTHER SEASON OF JODHA AKBAR OR BRING BACK THE COUPLE IN A NEW SHOW…Fans are also demanding the same pair for an new show with some reasons am sure parijat fans are not so stupids or DO NOT THINK THAT WE DONT HAVE WORK  we have our own issues and problems but since we are emotionally attached with this pair and serial we are fighting, when you can fullfill RT fans wishes then why can't you full fill parijat's fans wishes that too from world wide.”

Wah, so close to the French Revolution this is. With 341 supporters, we will hear the horse hooves anytime now.

Potatoes have feelings too

Zev Minsky Primus is socially conscious. So socially conscious that Zev thinks potatoes and humans are equal.

“I believe in potato equality to humans. Right now, in our current world, potatoes are treated as lower forms of life than humans, and they don't even have freedom of speech. To help these potatoes, sign this petition, and stop using potatoes as objects. We must stop this. Help us.”

31 people have agreed to support this noble call. Drop that French fry and sign!

All I want is a…giraffe emoji

Ellis Massingham has simple needs in life. A giraffe emoji is among them.

“I really love giraffes, which is why I'm real sad about not having an emoji for one, you've got all the other animals but not the giraffe, is this some form of discrimination about their long necks???”

Stop the discrimination already! 27 others agree.

We hope you signed some of these petitions at least and made the world a better place today. 

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