Rajamouli says he had plans of making a film on Indus Valley Civilisation

Rajamouli shared that he has even tried to visit the archaeological site of the IVC city Mohenjo Daro in Pakistan, but was denied permission.
Rajamouli says he had plans of making a film on Indus Valley Civilisation
Rajamouli says he had plans of making a film on Indus Valley Civilisation
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Popular filmmaker SS Rajamouli has revealed that he once thought of making a film on the rise and fall of the Indus Valley Civilisation (IVC). Responding to a suggestion from industrialist Anand Mahindra, the filmmaker said that he came up with the idea of telling the story through the character of a tree, when he saw an ancient tree while shooting for his 2009 film Magadheera in Gujarat’s Dholavira, an archaeological site. 

On Saturday, April 29, chairman of the Mahindra Group Anand Mahindra commented on a few illustrations of ancient cities of IVC on Twitter, suggesting that Rajamouli should consider making a period film forest in the IVC era which would “create global awareness of that ancient civilisation.” 

Responding to his suggestion, Rajamouli wrote, “Yes sir… While shooting for Magadheera in Dholavira, I saw a tree so ancient that It turned into a fossil. Thought of a film on the rise and fall of Indus valley civilization, narrated by that tree!! Visited Pakistan few years later. Tried so hard to visit Mohenjodaro. Sadly, was denied permission.” 

Rajamouli, who shot to global fame with his recent hit films RRR and the Baahubali series, has announced that his next project will star Mahesh Babu. The film is touted to be an action-adventure on the lines of the Indiana Jones franchise.

During the Oscar campaign for RRR, Rajamouli had said, “My next film is with Mahesh. He is a big star in Telugu cinema. It’s an adventure film along the lines of Indiana Jones but much more modern, much more expansive in setting.” The movie is speculated to be a “globetrotting adventure” with Mahesh Babu performing high-octane action sequences. 

Rajamouli’s father Vijayendra Prasad is the story writer for the film. The screenwriter has disclosed that the film will not have any prominent “message” in it, a common element in Mahesh Babu’s films of late.   

The workshops for the yet-to-be-titled film are likely to begin at the end of 2023. According to media reports, the workshops are going to be organised for various departments and not just actors. The film is expected to have a lot of visual effects, for which workshops on VFX composition, usage of green mats, etc. will be conducted. The film’s production is expected to begin next year. 

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