Jayasurya's 'Njan Marykutty' trailer out

The film's trailer was launched by five eminent trans women at Lulu Fashion Week.
Jayasurya's 'Njan Marykutty' trailer out
Jayasurya's 'Njan Marykutty' trailer out
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In what seems to be a first, the trailer of Jayasurya’s upcoming film, Njan Marykutty, was released on May 13 by five trans women - makeup artist Renju Renjimar, IT Professional Zara Sheikh, entrepreneur Thripthy Shetty, social activist Sheethal Shyam and legal advisor Riya, at Lulu Fashion Week held in Lulu Mall, Kochi.

The film’s trailer begins with Jayasurya confessing to the doctors, “I was born a male but my gender is female. I want to become a complete woman. Please help me.”

Visuals of weighing scales, shoes and running tell us that Jayasurya’s character harbours athletic dreams. We also see her being trained in music. The trailer further shows the character identifying herself as transsexual and not transgender. One hopes that the film has been sensitive in making this choice in language and that the makers are aware of why some choose to identify with the latter term than the former.

While the film has chances of widening people’s understanding of the difficulties faced by transgender persons, the choice of having a cis man play the role of a trans woman remains problematic to its cause. This continues to reinforce the idea that trans women are really just men in “makeup and wigs”.

As this article written by Jen Richards who is a trans woman actor, points out, a trans woman is often thought of to be a "dude in a wig." Considering the isolation of the minority community, perceptions about trans women are heavily influenced by popular culture. With male actors appropriating the body, gender identity and sexuality of a trans woman, the idea that trans women are really just “men in drag” is strengthened.

Directed by Ranjith Shankar who has teamed up with Jayasurya in four other films - Punyalan Agarbattis, Su… Su... Sudhi Vathmeekam, Pretham, and Punyalan Private Limited  Njan Marykutty also stars Jewel Mary, Innocent, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Aju Varghese and Joju George in supporting roles.

Director Ranjith has won several awards in his career including the Kerala State Film Awards for Best Screenplay (Television) for the 2003 serial American Dreams and Dubai AMMA Awards for Best Socially Committed Movie Director - Passenger and Best Debut Director - Passenger. Njan Marykutty will hit screens on June 15. 


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