Baba Ramdev’s yoga guide to solving the biggest problems of our time

Baba Ramdev’s yoga guide to solving the biggest problems of our time
Baba Ramdev’s yoga guide to solving the biggest problems of our time
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Whenever the great country of India face trouble, no matter if it is caused by the head, the heart, the pocket, or of the state of Haryana, Baba Ramdev always seems to come up with a timely solution to mitigate the issue.

Democracy begins at home 

In order to prevent allegedly under-paid / over-worked employees from affecting Haryana's economy (he hails from the state), Baba Ramdev has offered to talk to them. He has offered to teach them yoga, so that they are motivated to work harder.

"Industries pay huge fees for getting people to deliver motivation speech. I will do it for free for your employees. Obviously, it may not be possible for me to come to every unit. But I can address people in big units. Mein hartaal aadi ki bimaari ko bhi theek kar doonga."

Poof! Discontent disappears.

Return to Nature

When the whole nation was not protesting against Section 377, to allow the LGBTQ people freedom from harassment, Baba Ramdev hit upon the perfect solution. Eureka! If the “disease” disappears, then so do the protests. He said:

“Homosexuality can be cured through yoga. This will return a man towards natural sexual behaviour.”

Thus spake the Macho Purush

Azaadi from IT harassment

When the whole nation was protesting against corruption, in the movement led by Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev too joined the brave army. Baba Ramdev knew just how to tackle the people who keep money away from the Indian government. Asked about how black money could reach the people, he said:

“The system also needs to be changed. For that the biggest solution is to get up and do yoga in the morning. And meditate. If a person works every day on his body and mind, that person’s body and mind will be so pure that he will not want to cause harm to another being. Improving the spiritual quotient of society is the best way to reform it.

The reporter who was interviewing him thought this remedy was too simple. In all his wisdom, Baba Ramdev replied: “Yoga is one part of the reform process. The other is spiritual education. I’ve got about one crore volunteers working for me.”

What next?

Through the panacea of yoga, Baba Ramdev has provide solutions to the three biggest problems of our time: pesky labourers, people who wish to love freely and those who are avoiding income tax harassment by not declaring their real income.

He has the solutions, now he just needs the chance.

May the asana be with him.

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