LG announces Q6, Q6+, Q6a: Bezel-free full display smartphones, to go on sale in August

All three phones are fitted with the same set of hardware with the only differentiation being the RAM and internal storage capacity.
LG announces Q6, Q6+, Q6a: Bezel-free full display smartphones, to go on sale in August
LG announces Q6, Q6+, Q6a: Bezel-free full display smartphones, to go on sale in August
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Like most smartphone brands, LG also has more than one series of phones to cater to different user segments. The G series is generally seen as the one used for release of the flagships, as seen with the last major release, the G6.

Now the Korean company has come out with the Q series phones, all three of them and fitted them all with the same set of hardware and the sizes of the phones are also the same. The only differentiation is brought out in the internal storage capacity as can be seen from the details below.

The three phones are names the LG Q6, the LG Q6+ and the LG Q6a. First, here’s a look at the specifications which are common to all three models.

The dimensions of the phones are 142.5x69.3x8.1mm and naturally they all weigh a uniform 149 grams.

The display on these three Q series phones is 5.5 inches and LG has followed the same Full vision display it had introduced in the LG G6 on the new Q series phones also and the aspect ratio of 18:9 has also been maintained here. The screen resolution is 2160X1080p and the pixel density is also good at 442ppi.

Under the hood also, the same engine would power the three smartphone models; the Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor. Again, the LG Q6, Q6+, Q6a will all be loaded with the same OS, the Android Nougat 7.1.1 version.

The camera specs for all three models are also the same, a 13MP rear camera and a 5MP front camera with a wide-angle lens to facilitate capturing better selfie images. The size of the battery on the phones is also the same, 3000mAh.

It is only in the RAM and the internal storage that the distinction has been made; starting from the LG Q6 a, which comes with 2GB RAM and has just 16GB ROM, to the LG Q6 that has a 3GB/32GB combination; the highest in the series is the LG Q6+ with 4GB RAM and can store up to 64GB.   

There are four color variants being offered across all the phones: these are, astro black, ice platinum, terra gold, marine blue and mystic white.

The announcement from the company indicates that the phone is first being unveiled in Poland and will be made available in the Asian markets, which could include India in August and then reach the rest of Europe, Latin America and North America, possibly in that order.

Though an LG spokesperson has indicated that the pricing of these phone would be attractive, the actual numbers are yet to be revealed.

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