Screenshot of mobile game, Battlegrounds Mobile India
Screenshot of mobile game, Battlegrounds Mobile India

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Over 20 million people pre-register in 2 weeks

While the release date of the game hasn’t been confirmed yet, it is said to be a free-to-play experience on mobile devices and will be available to play only in India.

South Korean video game developer Krafton has announced that pre-registration for its upcoming battle royale game ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ has surpassed 20 million within just two weeks. The company opened pre-registering for the game through Google Play on May 18.

"The pre-registration exceeded 7.6 million on the first day and 10 million in two days, proving the high interest of Indian users," the company said in a statement. ‘Battleground Mobile India’, which is presented as a reward for Indian users who responded to PUBG IP (intellectual property rights), can be enjoyed free-to-play and is only available in India according to the company.

The release date of ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’ will be announced at a later date. However, several media reports suggest that it might be released on June 18.

Set in a virtual world, it is a battle royale game where multiple players employ strategies to fight and be the last person standing. Said to be a free-to-play, multiplayer experience from Krafton, players can battle it out in diverse game modes which can be squad-based or even one-on-one.

Featuring diverse maps with different terrains in a virtual setting, the game utilises the full capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 to bring alive fantastic worlds augmented by 3D sound, to build an immersive experience on a mobile phone, said the company.

The recommended system requirements to experience the game seamlessly are Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2GB RAM in the mobile device.

In the first week of May, South Korean video game developer Krafton had confirmed the return of its much-anticipated game, PUBG, for the Indian users. The company on its social media accounts and its website mentioned that the game was coming soon in India. However, the game was not be released as PUBG Mobile India but as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

"With privacy and data security being a top priority, Krafton will be working with partners, to ensure data protection and security, at each stage," the video game developer said in a statement. "This will ensure privacy rights are respected, and all data collection and storage will be in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations in India and for players here," it added.

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