Apple can drop prices too: Aggressive pricing for iPad, charity tinge to iPhone Red

Better battery and a smarter Siri in the new range of iPads
Apple can drop prices too: Aggressive pricing for iPad, charity tinge to iPhone Red
Apple can drop prices too: Aggressive pricing for iPad, charity tinge to iPhone Red
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If you have been using an iPad for 3-4 years or more and have been seriously considering going in for an upgrade, this might be the right time. In what can be termed as a departure from its known practice, Apple Inc has launched an updated version of its iPad this week and has priced the new range at competitive levels. Observers feel the move is mainly aimed at the large base of owners of the older versions of iPads and also some first-time buyers. The device comes with a 9.7-inch Retina display that has a brilliant resolution of 2048x1536 and an updated version of the OS.

Boosted Performance

The iPad 9.7inch comes with a 64-bit A9 chip that is meant to deliver a much better performance in terms of speed and ease of navigation. On its website, Apple claims that users can “explore rich learning apps, play graphic-intensive games and even use two apps at once; all while enjoying up to 10 hours of battery life”. The device also comes with more than a million apps. Users familiar with the use of apps from the AppStore will find that there are apps for every activity they are looking for.

Richer Experience with the all new iOS 10

Apple wants to call the newly upgraded iOS 10 the ‘world’s most advanced mobile operating system’. The personal assistant Siri has also been made more responsive and proactive according to the company. Some of the features like quick type, maps and photos will be quick to anticipate what you wish to do with them and jump to your aid with suggested actions and inputs. Features like your daily routines, places you visit and so on will be remembered and the maps is also integrated with your calendar app and can throw up directions to the place you will be visiting for your next appointment. If you learn to use these features in your iPad, life can become a lot more comfortable.

Touch and Fingerprint Integrated

Apple devices have been known for their superior performance in terms of the sensitivity and speed. The new 9.7inch iPad has maintained the same level and has even improved it. The fingerprint password has also been integrated into the main Home button to make users feel secure about using the device.

Photos and Videos

Again, Apple’s devices have always been known to deliver better quality pictures and videos, even though they may not boast of big numbers in terms of megapixels. The newly launched iPad has the same 8MP camera and enables you to record 1080p videos in HD quality and share the most important events in your life with your friends and relatives. The 1.2MP front camera also has its utility in taking selfies and while making video calls.

The Red iPhones

Also among the new set of launches announced on March 22, is an all new iPhone 7 in a rich red colour, a first from the Cupertino Tech giant. The Company has announced that a part of the proceeds from the sale of these red phones will go to the Global Fund for fighting AIDS.

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