If the leaked specifications are true, this phone may give tough competition to the likes of Samsung Galaxy 8.

ZTE Nubia Z17 leaks Could sport a whopping 8GB RAM and a Snapdragon 835 processorImage for representational purposes only
Atom Tech Shorts Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - 09:37

There has been some exciting information leaking in some tech sites about ZTE launching a new flagship with a huge 8GB RAM and 128GB memory as the starting points.

These are only leaks right now and cannot be confirmed. But if one goes by the additional information, like the processor being the latest Snapdragon 835, then this phone could end up creating a storm in the smartphone market, since no phone has yet been introduced with such high end specifications so far.

The model to be christened, ZTE Nubia Z17 was earlier reported to be coming with only 4GB memory, but this has now changed following images being spotted with the specifications of the Nubia Z17 indicating the RAM would be 8GB.

The phone is expected to run on the Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS and though the battery size is not available it is understood that the ZTE Nubia Z17 will come with Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 feature.

Some of the other details revealed indicate that the phone will have a dual camera setup (23-megapixel +12-megapixel) in the rear and the fingerprint sensor would also be placed in the back of the phone only.

Even the display is claimed to be bezel free with end-to-end being available for viewing on the screen. According to these reports, the Nubia Z17 flagship could be made available in three colours: Gold, blue and grey. The fact to be noted here is that ZTE has always stuck to Black as the main colour for its flagship phone so far.

Those who doubt these assumptions also question the logic behind ZTE launching a mini version just a month ago and now following through with a larger flagship.

However, India may not be able to get its hand on this phone because ZTE has not sold its previous release the Nubia Z17 mini in the country. It has sold them only in China. But if the technical specifications are anything to go by, then ZTE does appear to be going very aggressive. If the same aggression is deployed in the marketing of the phone also, then it cannot ignore the Indian market.

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